Woman shuts down her Tinder match in seconds by replying with the WRON…

DATING can feel like a minefield, and we’ve probably all sent an accidental message before.

For Paolo Lujan, his friend Vanessa equaled with a man on Tinder, and accidentally sent her first reaction to his voice observe message.


Paolo and friends could not keep up back giggles at Alex’s voicenoteCredit: Instagram

In a Tiktok which has nearly a million views, the awkward reaction to his first voice observe is enough to make anyone cringe.

Paolo explained: “When my friends Tinder match sent her voice observe.”

As the voice observe, from a smooth male voice asks: “Her Vanessa, this is Alex, nice to hear your voice before, whereabouts are you staying in Vancouver?”


“She wanted to respond and accidentally sent this.”

He wrote as his friend played the voice observe she accidentally sent, which was of them all laughing.

“A snapshot at Vancouver’s dating scene,” he captioned the video.

Viewers almost wanted the ground to swallow them up, whilst others said: “That is the correct response.”

“Not the group laugh,” said another, clearly cringing at the mass reaction.

Many couldn’t keep up back laughter at the complete situation, writing: “HAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA THAT WAS A VALID RESPONSE.”

While, it seemed Alex had been busy on the dating apps as a few said they had equaled with him too, admitting: “I equaled WITH THE SAME GUY THAT SENT THE SAME MESSAGE!!!”


In another Tiktok, Paolo shared more texts from the same man as him and Vanessa also equaled on Bumble, another dating app and his friend sent him the first Tiktok they made of his voice observe and their accidental reply.

She wrote: “I’m sorry you’re going viral lol.”

“I meant to say something but then it just sent. I thought I had a re-do.” she explained.

Alex awkwardly replied to Vanessa with: “Haha thank you for the free exposure.”

Paolo told fans that the man she had equaled with, Alex then deleted his Bumble and confined Paolo’s friend, Vanessa.

A commenter summed it up, saying: “Guess he couldn’t manager the heat.”


Vanessa managed to match with Alex on Tinder and BumbleCredit: Instagram


Commenters on the TikTok had equaled with Alex and received the same voice observeCredit: Instagram


Paolo could’t help but laugh at the awkward situationCredit: Instagram

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