Will Volunteer Experience Help Get You Into Physical Therapy School?

Many students have problems calculating what they need to do in order to get into a physical therapy program. There is one thing that is certain, admissions committees are now looking for much more than a good academic record. In fact, in many situations, the academic record is becoming less important than ever. There are more opportunities to enhance a students begin again beyond just academics than ever. This has led to an increased focus on activities that can be taken advantage of outside of the classroom by admissions committees

Physical therapy schools are now heavily favoring people that have had an in-thoroughness introduction to the field of physical therapy and the actual work that physical therapists do on a daily basis. In order for a possible student to gain this experience, volunteering is a great option. It doesn’t matter if the position is paid or volunteer, it will be viewed in a similar light. It is also important that a possible physical therapy student to try to get experience in a variety of settings. This will help them demonstrate that they have a clear understanding of the work that they will be doing as a licensed physical therapist.

Here is a quick look at some ways to raise your credentials and put you ahead of the competition.

1. Create hands-on situations

It is a great idea for prospective students to have a real-world idea of what the work of the physical therapist is really like. Try to find volunteer locaiongs. There are often locaiongs obtainable at places like massage clinics and medial outreach programs. A great way to find these is to go to local hospitals and rehabilitation centers and ask about any volunteer opportunities that they are involved with.

2. Resource Centers

At many colleges and universities there are free career counseling and career resource centers obtainable to students. These centers not only give excellent academic guidance but can also have the inside track on upcoming volunteer opportunities that would be helpful. If you do not have access to this kind of facility, there are also a number of websites that may be able to help in addition.

3. Have a Plan

When building up your experience, whether volunteered or paid, it is important to have a plan. If your goal is to get into physical therapy school, you need to make sure that the experience you are gaining is somehow applicable to your future in physical therapy. already if it is something basic like management experience or volunteering at a nursing home.

in spite of what you do, the most important thing to remember is that you will almost always need more than academics to get the attention of the admissions committee.

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