Why Writing Better Lyrics Might Be Easier Than You Think

Why Writing Better Lyrics Might Be Easier Than You Think

Writing better lyrics will take your song to the next level and make it stand out. As a songwriter, you have probably already figured out that having a good melody is only half of the necessary elements. The other half is to create lines to join that melody. Many writers understand the strength that words have, so they carefully select the phrases that will immediately connect with an audience. But this is easier said than done; or is it?

There are countless lines inside of you just waiting to come out if you let them. Too often, people truly try so hard to think of things that they end up restricting their ability. Think of creativity and stress as water and electricity; they don’t mix. Never force yourself to write or put pressure on your brain to invent the “perfect” phrase. Instead, enjoy the challenge of completing a song.

One of the best things that you can do is relax and brainstorm ideas. Let them flow at their own speed and write them down in a random order. By “letting your guard down” this way, you will be encouraging the creative course of action to work at its best. Then, look at the lines you have written and see which ones would work in the song you are composing. Consider variations of the lines too and do not forget about the phrases that you don’t use. They can be a starting point for a new song, so put them aside for another day.

Depending on the song, you might have the music written before the words. In this case, focus on the syllables of the melody and match them with the words that compliment them. Sometimes, it takes a certain amount of trial and error, so be patient. To make it easier, hum or sing the melody. As you hear it, think of the words that pop into your head during specific parts. Again, the meaningful is to concentrate and nevertheless be relaxed at the same time.

When you are beginning from scratch, it can be a good idea to start with the words, or already a title. Saying the lines out loud will show their sounds and characteristics, which lets you know which parts to characterize or embellish. Not all words work well together, and the fun part of songwriting is finding the ones that do. “Talking it out” is an excellent way to create strong, natural melodies.

Other tools can make crafting lyrics less stressful by expanding your choices. These include a thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, or software program. Having more options to choose from is always a good thing if they are used correctly. Be careful not to pick words that are too complicated. Remember, if you are not sure what the definition of a information is, or how to pronounce it, there is a good chance that whoever is listening to your song will not know either. A line should add to the overall meaning of the song and not be a distraction from it.

And if you are feeling the frustration of being stuck on a lyric that refuses to cooperate, take a step back. Do something else and stop thinking about it temporarily. Give your brain a rest and it will most definitely appreciate it. Turn your attention to another activity that you enjoy and you might be surprised if the thought you were searching for suddenly appears. Some of the best lyrics come when they are least expected, especially when you are not consciously trying to think of them.

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