Why Use Recirculating Humidifiers?

There are a few types of humidifiers obtainable, one kind being the recirculating humidifier. As the name slightly implies recirculating humidifiers use both water from a reservoir but also water in the air to help humidify the home.

How Recirculating Humidifiers Work

Most recirculating humidifiers work largely like an evaporative humidifier. They use a humidifier filter that absorbs water from the tank, giving greater surface space for the evaporation, along with a fan to help push the moisture out into the air. But they also use water from the nearby air, which is brought into the unit, run by the filter and pushed back out again.

Benefits of a Recirculating Humidifier

Water is regularly cycled by the unit so the filter is kept moist offering lasting performance but it also offers increased efficiency as it uses the complete surface of the filter for high moisture output. There is a continuous circulation of water, which helps remove contaminants in the water so these air-borne particles won’t recirculate. It also eliminates issues with standing water. Some people have found them easier to clean as the recirculating water helps keep deposits from forming so quickly.

Most recirculating humidifiers also have controls that let you know the humidity level in the air. If not you may want to buy an inexpensive hygrometer so you can monitor the humidity level. While a certain level of humidity in the air is important, 30 to 50% is best, too much can start to cause other problems.

How They Compare To Other Types of Humidifiers

Recirculating humidifiers shouldn’t cause a problem with that white dust that some other types do. But they will need substitute humidifier filters and some people find them too noisy due to the sound of the fan that runs as it is operating.

Warm mist humidifiers will help warm the room more, which can be nice on a cold winter night, and you can add certain inhalants to them to help you breathe easier when you have a cold. But they can be a danger around small children as they heat the water to create the mist and they are more likely to produce the white dust.

Ultrasonic humidifiers don’t usually use substitute filters, they are typically quieter and they produce a cool mist, which can be nice if you run it during warmer times of the year. But they can cause problems with the white mist and they don’t purify the moisture produced in addition as a recirculating form.

A humidifier is something that will probably be used often so it is important to find the one that fits your needs best. Weigh the pros and cons of various types before you make your final decision.

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