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Success method different things to everyone. Each of us is on his or her own path toward their ultimate destiny in life. The characteristics for success are different for each of us. Some people call themselves a success when they have reached a certain financial position while others call themselves successful when they have achieved some worthy goal. There are hundred’s of possible qualities success. Hundreds of books have been written about the traits of successful people. This quiz is a fleeting in addition focused look at what I believe are the basic qualities, attitudes and philosophies required for success in any area of life. Why not proportion this quiz with your fellow employees, family members and or friends. It may help them become more focused on their day by day travel trough life.

See the end of this quiz for answers to this quiz.

1. Success method different things to everyone: True/False.

2. It is vital to have clear written goals to unprotected to success: True/False/It depends.

3. Exposing yourself to motivational materials can ensure your success: True/False/It depends.

4. Surrounding yourself with successful people can accelerate your success: True/False.

5. If you are motivated sooner or later you will unprotected to the success you desire: True/false.

6. Failure is unavoidable on your journey to success: True/False.

7. A mentor can help you unprotected to more and faster: True/False.

8. Making wise choices is vital to your success: True/False.

9. It is important to have ______________________________________ to succeed.

10. It is helpful for your ultimate success if you keep a record of your successes and failures:


11. Attitude is ________________________________________________ in success.

12. Uncontrolled stress can slow your progress to success: True/False.

13. Having balance in all areas of your life is important for success: True/False.

14. Roadblocks can stall your success: True/False/It depends.

15. Persistence is a meaningful factor in success: True/False.

16. Thought-control is one of the basic issues in success: True/False.

17. It is important to have pas_________________________and com_______________________

18. Problems on the road to success are_______________________________________________

19. Affirmations can ensure your success: True/False/It depends.

20. Nothing can stop a person who knows what they want and why they want it: True/False.

21. Desire for success can make up for a without of other conditions and skills: True/false.

22. People who are successful tend to keep their life fo___________________________.

23. People who believe in themselves and their mission tend to be successful: True/False.

24. Singleness of purpose is the starting point of all success: True/False.

25. Success can be achieved without additional effort: True/False.

26. Success is a journey not a destination: True/False/It depends.

27. To unprotected to success you will have to make trade-offs or sacrifices: True/False.

28. People who are successful avoid negative people: True/False.

29. Successful people continually invest in themselves and their skills and attitudes: True/False.

30. Successful people are able to adapt to change quickly and effectively: True/False.

31. Successful people manage their____________________ and _________________________.

32. Successful people have a d____ I____ n____ philosophy.

33. Sales ability is an important quality for success: True/False.

34. Optimism is important for success: True/False.

35. You can unprotected to success without self-discipline: True/False.

36. Successful people have fun while moving toward their goals: True/False.

37. Money, strength and fame are the chief motivators for success: True/False.

38. The ability to bounce back from___________________________is an important trait.

39. Doing what they love is important to successful people: True/False.

40. Successful people are fiscally responsible: True/False.

41. Successful people have a healthy ego and manage it with care: True/False.

42. Problems are just as shared to successful people as failure: True/False.

43. Having success is no guarantee that you will be happy: True/False.

44. Successful people tend to be nicer than failures: True/False/It depends.

45. It is important to have big dreams to be successful: True/False.

46. Patience is a trait of most successful people: True/False/It depends.

47. Successful people deal in reality: True/False/Always/Sometimes/It depends.

48. Successful people always reach their goals: True/False.

49. How are you doing on your journey to success?

50. You could be more successful if or when_____________________________________


50 correct answers……….You should be giving the quiz.

45-50 correct answers……….You are more successful than most people.

40-45 correct answers……….You have it together unless you lied about some of your answers.

35-40 correct answers………..You are on the right track. Keep learning and growing.

25-30 correct answers………..You need to use some time evaluating your life and attitudes.

25 or less correct answers……Get a life.

Correct Answers: Success Quiz

Keep in mind that the answers to several of the questions are subjective. In many situations there is no right or wrong answer only – a best or better answer. This quiz is not designed to give you an in-thoroughness explanation for each answer but rather to stimulate your thinking. With this in mind let’s take a look at what I believe – are some of the vital issues in the area of happiness.

1. True.

2. It depends.

3. It depends.

4. True.

5. True.

6. True.

7. True.

8. True.

9. Goals, vision, effort, resolve, commitment, desire.

10. True.

11. Everything.

12. True.

13. True.

14. It depends.

15. True.

16. True.

17. Passion and commitment.

18. Opportunities, learning, necessary, unavoidable.

19. It depends.

20. True.

21. True.

22. Focused.

23. True.

24. True.

25. False.

26. It depends.

27. True.

28. True.

29. True.

30. True.

31. Time and resources.

32. Do it now.

33. True.

34. True.

35. False.

36. True.

37. False.

38. Adversity, failure, problems.

39. True.

40. True.

41. True.

42. True.

43. True.

44. It depends.

45. True.

46. It depends.

47. It depends.

48. False.

49. Up to you.

50. Ditto.

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