What to Do When You Lose an Earring

What to Do When You Lose an Earring

It has happened to anyone who wears earrings, at some time you have noticed you lost an earring from your ear! Oh No, you feel in your collar, it’s not on your shoulder, down your shirt to see if it’s caught in your clothes some where! If you were in your car you probably looked around & under the seat. I have.

The worst is when you loose one that is your favorite, or you have lost one from a pair that were given to you by a loved one, my Dad gave me as a gift a gorgeous rainbow color cut glass pair of hearts, mostly green in color, they sparkled like a prism. I loved them. I lost one, I searched all over, I never did find it.

Well I never would throw away the one I had left, It sat in my jewelry box , truly for years, I could not part with it. It was a gift & I loved the look of this piece of jewelry. So finally I realized I had a necklace that for in any case reason had no charm on it & I have this beautiful heart that I was not using. I put them together & now I use my gorgeous gift again.

The earring had enough of a triangle clasp (a bail ) to slide the necklace by. If your earring does not have a clasp or jump ring to hang from, either take it to your local jeweler they can always help you repair pieces. Or if you are a do it yourself kind many craft stores may have a kind of hook you want to attach or a ring you can hang your left over earring from.

And Be Creative, You don’t have to use a chain for your necklace, many charms are worn from a leather strip, You may find the craft store has these already finished with the end clasps on them, just hang your jewelry, or already a thin colored ribbon looks pretty, just tie it! I hope I gave you some ideas to update some of your old or lost pieces.

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