What is the Most Important Tool in Network Marketing?

What is the Most Important Tool in Network Marketing?

nevertheless thinking why some people fails and others succeed in MLM? Another interesting question that walking around in peoples minds is why some persons having a great success in MLM industry living after all – by all method, they just go somewhere else. Why not to repeat this or that success formula again and again? What is a reason that people throw away 5, 10, already 20 years in MLM without any real visible accomplishments… And after all they don’t leave. nevertheless there are industries out there that does so many things in a wrong way but they nevertheless are successful. Why is that so?

One of my teacher was making more than good income in MLM back in 1992. He retired from that company and truly joined more than 150 MLM companies within the next associate of years, to find out how that companies in real works: the worst, the bad and the best.

I want to show you what he did exactly step be step:

1. Made conference calls to multiple MLM companies.

2. Structured & categorized companies, sets, compensation strategy, distributor kits, & marketing materials to find out what are those differences that makes some companies noticeable from others.

3. Considered their company models, to find out what kind of behavior particular business models drove.

4. Considered how rare “upline gurus” qualified (or did not aim) their individuals.

This research work showed all the hidden answers. It besides revealed a few valuable, valuable secrets in this area of Network Marketing.

Case in point #1:

The hard-driving, ultimate salesperson is around 8% of the population. They are so confident in archiving success that those 8% convinced the other 92% that the 92% are wrong and the 8% are right. How did they do that? Since that is what THEY do. It works for them, so they have whole confidence they are as it should be, and once you feel their confidence, you KNOW they have to be right, so you sort out what they show you. More or less but 92% of the world’s population are resistant to sales. To be sold is not for them, and they do not want to become that pushy, no one likes aggressive person who make sales.But when they become a part of marketing business, and there mentors tell them, “Make a list of your friends and family. Call them up. Get ’em into the business. You need to hear 100 ‘No’s for every ‘Yes’.

Guess what? You will be surprised it nevertheless works only for the 8%. If you allow them captivate you, you can wander in a meaningless way inside the “failure” desert for years…Maybe forever. The option Is Yours You can’t turn out to be something you hate in order to be thriving. This idea works for the 8% who are real salespeople. It’s a disaster for the rest of us…A very bad big business idea.

Case in point #2:

Whether you’re a doctor, carpenter, plumber, ditch digger…in any case you are…You’ve got to be taught the skills of that business. And what we have discovered why people fails in this or that industry is hence… knowledge. If the public was training you didn’t know any better, They just didn’t know any other way to do the business. You cant wake up one morning and just say “I want to be a teacher” And you go down and join a school, get a books, start teaching and you’re a teacher? Of course not. That’s ludicrous. How about a carpenter?

No way. You have to learn pitches and square and level and plumb. You have to be taught the skills. however people get in network marketing, and they’re told, “Call your friends & family.” It’s the biggest misconception in the industry. MLM is not a sales industry. It’s a educating & mentoring business. Your business will be well build only if you build your people well, and it cant be other way. Those upline guru leaders will tell you, “Well, you didn’t make enough phone calls. You’re a loser. If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” Have you heard all that stuff? I bet you believed it, too, haven’t you? But the real truth is that people only fail because of one main meaningful reason which is without of knowledge, education and sustain. And the last one plays major role in my opinion. truly self-sustain.

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