What Are These Termite Mud Tubes?

What Are These Termite Mud Tubes?

Termites are social insects. They work in colonies and each member has their own responsibility for the complete colony. Although termites are helpful in the ecosystem, these small creatures are considered as pests in humans because they destroy buildings or wooden structures. In general, the termite infestation and destruction every year reaches approximately millions of dollars and that would depend on the kind of termite that will attack the character. There are types of termites that can generally cause destruction in just a small period of time while there are termites that may take time before they can totally collapse an complete building.

If you are worried about the invasion of termites, you need to be informed about the warning signs of termite invasion because this can help you to determine if there are already termites that are invading your home.

The most shared kind of termite that is infesting homes and wooden structures would be subterranean termites. These subterranean termites are considered as notorious termites because aside from the fact that they are very many, they also attack quite fast and they can collapse a building in no time.

Just like other termites, subterranean kind of termites also satisfy on wood. They satisfy on anything that has wood fibers or cellulose and that would include books in your shelves and other documents. These termites are really pests that can cause you problems and huge repair expenses if left untreated.

The most popular and definite characteristic that subterranean termites are well known would be the mud tubes that they are creating. These small pesky insects can be found anywhere there are possible food supplies for them. Since subterranean termites live on soil, they create mud tubes or shelter tubes wherein they use it in order to cross over from one food source to another.

These mud tubes look like tunnels and it serve as protection against their predators. These mud tubes are filled with worker termites that go back and forth to deliver food to their colony. These tubes are often located in the under the house wherein wood is in contact with the soil.

Once you performed an inspection in your home and you see presence of mud tubes then you need to ensure that you do method in order to destroy these and eliminate termites in your home before these termites would destroy your home. These termite tubes are strong signs that your home is already infested with subterranean termites and if you don’t do anything, you might use more money in the long run.  

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