What Are Hen Nights?

For a start it is a social occurrence. There are hundreds performed the length and breath of the United Kingdom. In night-clubs, village halls, theatres and pubs. The present guise consists of an entertainment lasting approximately three hours and featuring a Drag Queen (a man dressed as a woman), two Male Strippers (who take off all their costume to recorded music and end up naked) and a Disc Jockey.

The form is usually a revue in which the drag queen compeers the complete performance; introduction, interludes between the strip acts and a finale. The typical Drag appears in outrageous sequinned dresses, a flamboyant wig and an exaggerated make-up with high-heeled shoes and is expected to be a talented comedian. The Strippers use a variety of costumes, typically based on uniforms, film idols and stereotypes of working clothes (such as building site workers). More often than not, their costumes fastened by a substance called Velcro which pulls apart easily and facilitates the rapid and surprising removal of the costume.

The music provided by the Disc Jockey is popular, up-lifting and gives the women a jolly air to drink and dance to and provides the acts their background.

Most Drag are unapologetically – a man in a frock with their feminine attributes exaggerated, wigs, false eye-lashes, false bosoms, painted nails, glittery jewelry and high heels.

The typical Stripper is expected to be handsome, muscular and tanned. His penis is enlarged by use of an elastic band. He is expected to characterize a cheeky and sexy personality and use his nudity to provoke screams and laughter

Both Drag Queens and Male Strippers have extensive fan sustain which travel distances to see their idols. Many Drag Queens provide the sound systems for the smaller venues and work in collaboration with the Disc Jockey. Strippers arrive with their music on tape or mini-disc and hand them over before the show starts to the Disc Jockey. On the whole, Hen Nights are attended thoroughly by women, the only men being the quartet who are there to entertain them.

Strippers add to their fee by selling publicity photographs of themselves after the show. Many Drag Queens organise the Hen Shows themselves although there are numerous Agencies and clubs who set up the Shows. These will charge a percentage for their sets, agreed individually with the artists.

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