Water Meets Electricity

Water Meets Electricity

Our parents always tell us not to be around water when there is a lightning, not to use our hair dryer next to running water, and definitely not to have plugs anywhere near water. There is a reason for that, once electricity touches water, the electricity moves by water. So what really happens to us when we touch water that has been in contact with electricity, what happens to water, and what happens to the electricity.

What is electricity? Electricity is produced when electrons are moving from one atom to another. Electricity usually chooses the routes with less resistance and the shortest one to the ground. While electricity is important and crucial for our existence as a human race, it can also bring dangers when in contact with water. But, what is water? Water is a liquid substance (that many of us do not appreciate) that easily dissolves many different materials, including some metals. However, water cannot conduct electricity very well, since it has little to NO ions and is very pure. Because of that, the existing ions carry electric charge by the water making it dangerous.

So what are the dangers of being around water that was in contact with electricity and is now electrically charged? There are come situations when people who were around during thunderstorms have been shocked to death and unfortunately passed away. Well, that is because human body is mostly made up of water and different kinds of dissolved salts (potassium, sodium, and calcium). That makes our, human, bodies AMAZING conductors. As awesome as it sounds, it is as exciting when this great quality puts us in danger. Because human bodies are such great conductors, electricity flows very easily by our bodies. consequently, when the human body is in contact with water, that carries electricity due to its purity, When in contact with water or close to water, we attract the electricity, and ultimately electricity reaches our body, shocking it with an electric shock and causing damage especially on the heart. Some say that you should not already take showers, do laundry, or be in contact with tap water during storms since it can nevertheless carry the electric current.

When water meets electricity, it should be private meeting, without humans involved. Contact with water that has been in contact with electricity can carry horrible consequences that can hurt us not only in a long run, but also right away. So, kids, listen to your mothers when they tell you to keep your electrical appliances away from water, the information is shocking!

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