WAP-Hosting – Pros and Cons

WAP-hosting is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Probably, a lot of users have already known that WAP is good for games, tunes and pictures downloading for mobile phones. But in reality WAP-sites have already become a rare world, the complete system which is as same functional as the WEB is.

WAP gives a lot: harmonies in chats, forums. It gives various tools: acquaintances, SMS sending, reading of your mail, news and so on. Really, WAP has already led a high-grade and developing life for a long time. However, certainly, in order to create and use your own WAP, a site should exist in the Internet. For this reason more and more corporations and the organizations have begun to appear recently. They are providers of the given hosting. WAP-hosting also can be paid and free. Let’s see what advantages WAP-hosting has.  

WAP-hosting advantages are:  

  • 24/7 technical sustain. Many WAP-providers give today the complete spectrum of technical sets connected with the Internet WAP-sites allocation and sustain. Now you can be completely assured that your WAP-site will be equipped with complete sets of help if it is necessary. This is an important advantage of WAP-hosting.
  • Fast access to sites. Today WAP-hosting allows to receive enough high speed of sites access. Thanks to it, you can download pictures, tunes, various programs on the mobile phone quickly. Use all modern conveniences!
  • Possibility of the domain registration. One more advantage of WAP-hosting is that you can receive a domain name. Presence of such an advantage like that allows to create and add WAP-sites, also it gives possibility to organize hosting under WAP which will make the profit for you. So this advantage is worthy to keep in mind too.

And now we will talk about disadvantages of this kind of hosting. Really, the difference between WAP-hosting and other types of hosting is basic. After all, WAP-hosting has been specially developed for supporting sites by mobile phones. consequently it has the specificity which has also minuses.  

WAP-hosting Disadvantage is:  

  • Cut-down design possibilities. This is, perhaps, the most important disadvantage of WAP-sites. The matter is that already at usage of paid WAP-hosting on WAP-sites there is no possibility to use all those elements HTML is high for. That is why, for example, it is impossible to use such elements as Flash, news ticker, etc. However, today this disadvantage is also reduced.

Probably, it is all what is possible to say about disadvantages. Certainly, it is possible to say that there is paid WAP-hosting, but it hardly can be perceived as a disadvantage. On the contrary, in the conditions of a modern competition among corporations-providers there are more and more new and qualitative kinds of hosting.  

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