Virtual Business As Usual in Costa Rica

Virtual Business As Usual in Costa Rica

Sunny blue skies and ninety degree temperatures seem to be the routine here at the Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort in Costa Rica. After a morning workout, and before our Los Suenos Rainforest Canopy Tour, I Skyped a few of my contractors. They will help me run a web seminar for over 100 attendees in North America this afternoon. One of my sales agents submitted a proposal last night and copied me in on the ensuing email thread. Our appointment setters had a banner day yesterday on behalf of our clients, and we are preparing an extensive new prospect list on behalf of one of our longstanding clients. now and then, I check in via email, Skype, GoToMeeting or via cell phone. In part, the virtual form is possible for small businesses because of the cloud computing solutions now obtainable, which can be used from essentially any location your travel pursuits dictate. These solutions are powerful and inexpensive, and in some situations thoroughly free. For example, I can great number unlimited conference calls, unlimited web meetings and unlimited web seminars for less than $3 per day from anywhere in the world, including my current Costa Rican virtual venue. Let’s look at what this method to any business:

• Unlimited conference call #s are generated at the touch of a button (phone or PC based access)
• Unlimited Web Seminars (show anything on your PC to as many as 1,000 other people – anywhere in the world)
• Custom landing pages for your web seminar registration and virtual waiting room
• Automatic registration for your web seminar, selecting required or optional registration fields (name, email, phone might be required, but city, state and zip code are optional)
• Detailed registration and attendance reports
• Record the presentation and audio for training, future presentation use or load onto your web site for viewing
• Real time collaboration (sharing) of information – work on the same document at the same time – from anywhere in the world
• Ability to view other attendees PCs (they can show you anything they like on their PC)

The internet and cloud computing allow many business to function from any venue at essentially any time. This form allows me to travel extensively while maintaining my thumb on the pulse of my business. Recent vacations included jaunts to Moscow, Paris, Santa Barbara and Costa Rica. Virtual is a powerful form, it’s a flexible form and it’s a more profitable form. Virtual business is here today, virtual business is here to stay, I’m living the virtual life – at the moment in Costa Rica -you need to go virtual too. It’s business as usual in Costa Rica, or for that matter anywhere in the world I can find an internet connection.

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