Video Teleconferencing – The Basics

Video Teleconferencing – The Basics

Is there a difference between video conferencing and video teleconferencing? The answer is no because it is the same thing. The system enables two parties or more to communicate with each other and see each other confront to confront.

Making a call using this system is very similar to a telephone call. Once you make a connection, you are able to see the other party then talk to them or move files also known as document sharing or white boarding.

This works by compressing video systems with the help of codecs that provide high quality picture and sound at no additional cost to the user. Aside from the codec, the user will also need a monitor, a camera, microphone, speaker and the network connection.

With the tool in hand, you are able to use the time you have more productively, save millions of dollars in travel expenses, have shorter meetings and make it easy to call one whenever it is needed in addition an increase your connection with the outside world.

You also won’t have a hard time looking for a provider when there are so many around. You just have to decide to decide whether or not you will be transmitting this either by ISDN (integrated sets digital network) or IP (network protocol). For your information, most companies in the US use IP networks compared to the latter.

Despite its advantages, there are some who are skeptic about the idea of video teleconferencing. This is as some people find it hard to organize one when the group is distributed in different time zones. If this is not done properly, the expected goals or objectives will not be met. Also, there are things beyond their control like technical problems that could interrupt the meeting.

But despite these concerns, this has not damaged its possible and popularity. The federal government and some educational institutions have approved funding to be used by other schools, colleges and libraries. It has also been used in the healthcare industry and judicial proceedings.

This helps aim students, provides assistance to colleagues in the medical field when there is a situation that requires the advice of those experienced in the matter and provide testimony to those being tried for crimes that have been committed.

For offices that cannot provide video teleconferencing or unsure about getting one, they can first try using it by going to a facility that allows guests to use it. Given that the meeting will not take that long, you are usually charged an hourly rate. It is best to make a reservation days in improvement and cancel at the minimum a day before to avoid paying for the reserved time.

Video teleconferencing is one of the newest things that are being used today. Corporations are promoted to use t o it because in business, this could average the difference between their survival and success in the market.

How management acts on a situation is up to them since this is merely a tool just like the telephone or email to get your message to other members of the organization, clients and suppliers.

Everyone should remember that the success of any meeting in spite of if this is video teleconferencing or in another form depends on the moderator or the great number’s to make it interesting and make sure everyone is paying attention. Otherwise, you are simply wasting your resources in getting one that costs money.

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