Video Streaming Using Google

Video Streaming Using Google

The use of videos on websites, blogs and other web spaces are on the rise. They can pep up any content and give it visual raise that keeps more visitors glued to the website. Everyone loves to watch an interesting piece of video. However already businesses are using streaming videos to their advantage. While you may want to use a video on your website, you may be worried about the cost and complexity or bandwidth, a good option is to stream videos using Google.

This option is especially an advantage for small websites with limited capacity. Video clips can be uploaded on Google and connected to it from your website. It is a free hosting video and does not burden the capacity of your server. It appears to be encased in your website and users can rarely identify the linking made. The other option to upload without using the bandwidth on your website is to great number it on a far away server. However, to do it on Google is easier and cost effective.

But there is limitation. If you want to upload a video that crosses a 100 MB mark, you will have to install an uploading program to do the job. AVI, ASF, QuickTime, Windows Media are formats that are compatible. However it is advisable to use MPEG4 or MPEG2 for best results.

After uploading the video, it is compressed into a flash format that is automatically enabled. After uploading the video, Goggle verifies the adherence to standards after which the HTML code provided to you can be used to embed it into any webpage you like.

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