VGA to HDMI Cables

VGA to HDMI Cables

It may seem like a good idea to buy a VGA to HDMI cable at first to peek briefly. But unfortunately, this is not the case. These cables simply don’t work; they can’t work. The solution that is needed to connect a computer to a high definition television is much more elaborate. A passive cable is unable to do the job so we need to look for a powered solution that can actively translate the signal.

The problem is that a VGA signal is analog, while an HDMI signal is digital. An analog to digital conversion requires an active course of action that evaluates each bit of information passed and translates it from its range of values to some combination of ones and zeros that can be understood by the receiving end of the HD cable.

The other problem that the conversion presents is that an HDMI cable carries both audio and video signals over the same wire. VGA only carries video signals. already if we could use a cable to go between the two port types, our audio would get left behind at the computer stop.

The real solution is probably to use what is called a VGA to HDMI converter box. The box accepts cables of both types (usually plus an audio input to join the video only signal from the computer) and converts the separate audio and video signals into one cohesive digital signal that can be carried by the HDMI cable. There is some loss of quality, but overall it’s the best solution that really exists unless you can find different cable types to use.

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