VGA to DVI Converter – Enables Simple Conversion of Analog VGA to Digi…

VGA to DVI Converter – Enables Simple Conversion of Analog VGA to Digi…

Analog signals can be converted to digital and relayed from a computer with a VGA port to a digital characterize device with the help of a VGA to DVI Converter. Working on a simple plug and play mechanism, the VGA source should be connected to the unit and the DVI monitor or projector to the DVI output of the converter. The analog to digital conversion signals generated automatically scales all input signals to the native resolution of the characterize. Due to this characterize, the picture quality and the brightness, contrast, and color dynamics are all improved. The input connectors are VGA 15 pin HD female and the output connectors are DVI-D single link or VGA 15 pin HD female.

Input resolution is automatically detected while the output resolution and refresh rate can be chosen by the On Screen characterize menu and front panel push buttons on the VGA to DVI-D conversion device. Supporting multiple resolutions such as UXGA (1600×1200), SXGA (1280×1024), XGA (1024×768), SVGA (800×600), VGA (640×480), this converter displays the same resolution as the VGA source without ghosting or data loss. meaningful features of this device include simple installation, ultra compact, equipped with progressive scaling roles, no software requirement for operation and output picture adjustment of brightness, contrast, color, RGB level and H-V position. Consuming 5.5 Watts of strength, these devices are enclosed in a metal case to provide for additional durability. Certified by the FCC and CE in addition as RoHS, these converters are compatible with the DDWG DVI standard.

The VGA to DVI conversion device has a DVI Video amplifier bandwidth of 1.65 Gbps and a VGA amplifier bandwidth of 350 MHz. obtainable in various models like DVI-D, DVI-I Single link, DVI-I dual link and DVI-A, it is perfect for running high definition digital displays from analog supplies. An progressive version converts VGA to DVI-D signals and transports them over multi mode fiber relaying them up to a distance of 1000 meters. These converters permit users to connect laptops or legacy PC computers equipped with HD-15 video connections to flat panel monitors, plasma displays and other HDTV products.

By converting the analog signal to a DVI format, the VGA to DVI Converter is an ideal product for applications where the output from traditional graphic cards needs to be viewed on digital monitors.

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