Use strength Curses and Magic Spells to Black Psychic Bombardment

Use strength Curses and Magic Spells to Black Psychic Bombardment

In medieval times a witch would use a curse or some kind of magic spells to block another witch from inflicting psychic damage. Well, witches have gone by the board, for the most part. But what about the psychic damage?

Psychic bombardment can occur two ways today: one, it can be directed at you by another person, just as in medieval days and, two, I can reach you quite innocently. The latter point raises the vital issue. People are not usually deliberately evil, but ail of us at one time or another have negative thoughts and feelings. Once accumulated in the psychic air, like clouds of smog over the city, we can quite unwittingly walk right into them! This is why Oriental gurus visiting this country always exorcise a house before entering it. By the use of potent magic spells, prayers, love spells money spells, they clear the structure of inessential influences.

Psychic bombardments takes on various forms. Here it manifests itself as strange depression, there are negative thoughts. Now its anger, the its a feeling of hopelessness. When we fall victim to it we her ourselves saying, I dont know what came over me.

How You Can Form Curses Against Psychic Bombardment.
The Blade of Love, as I said, is bust one form of curse against psychic attack. It came to mind under the circumstances I have mentioned. Your circumstances may require some variation on the theme. You may use any of the Magic Spells, Love Spells, Monet Spells, Chants etc. Or you may wish to form your own. When dealing with psychic bombardment it is sometimes kind of psychic bombardment which indicates the curse to be used against it.

Psychic Attack Can Be Thwarted.
When you charge curses with feelings and direct them at the swirling invisible accumulations of psychic negativity, those dark clouds have to disperse. To use curses in this positive way is to concede your own godlikeness. He who recognizes this own right to peace and plenty and who imbues curses with emotional charge will find his road to success and happiness is wide open for him. Nothing can stand in his way.

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