Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Benefits

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Benefits

Cord blood banking is a very advantageous medical service for pregnant women to seek out before they have their babies. Most obstetricians now offer their pregnant patients information on how to bank or donate their unborn child’s umbilical cord stem cells. All around the world, millions of people have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer and other ailments. Scientists have found that umbilical blood can truly help to treat many types of medical issues.

Umbilical cord blood banking is advantageous because the blood contains valuable stem cells that can be put into the body to fight off infections and diseases. When children are born, their blood is pure and is free of diseases and toxins. This makes the blood right for transplants that are needed.

Some children develop cancers such as leukemia and sickle cell disease that require a stem cell transplant. If the child’s parents have banked their blood or a compatible sibling has banked theirs then they can use those stem cells. If a child uses their own stem cells then doctors know that they are an exact match and that the transplant will not be rejected by the body. Diseases such as leukemia require that the immune system is destroyed before a transplant takes place. This method that it is crucial that the stem cells are a perfect match to help ensure the child’s survival.

Companies that offer this kind of service typically offer financing to parents who want to have umbilical cord blood banking done. There is an initial fee and every year there are storage fees to keep up the blood in storage long term.

If you are a parent who is expecting a child then you should consider researching umbilical blood. The expense is well worth it if you can save the life or your child or any children that you might have in the future.

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