Top 4 Reasons Why Most Personal Injury Claims Settle

Top 4 Reasons Why Most Personal Injury Claims Settle

If you were recently injured in an accident that was not your fault, and you have decided to make a claim against the at fault party, you may feel confident knowing that the great majority of personal injury situations settle. Continue reading to learn the top four reasons why, and the best way to get started on your personal injury claim.

Insurance Company Settlements

When insurance companies are involved in an accident claim, and they usually are, settlements are offered almost every time. The reason why this is a fact has to do with the reason why most personal injury situations are settled. Insurance companies typically offer settlements because they have the financial method to pay out remuneration; in fact, they generally expect to pay out a certain amount of compensation for liability claims. Furthermore, they are “risk averse”, meaning they’ll do what it takes to avoid losing control over costs in the case that they have to go to trial for a claim.

Why Most situations Come to a Settlement

Here are the top 4 reasons why virtually all personal injury situations settle:

1. Risk Aversion

As mentioned, most insurance companies choose to offer settlement in an attempt to control financial risk. They would prefer to make an offer and control the amount of that offer, instead of risk the case going to trial where a jury decides how much a plaintiff should be offered for their pain and experiencing.

2. Protection of Reputation

Another shared reason why insurance companies choose to offer settlement is for the sake of their reputation. This is especially important this day and age with all of the applicable social media platforms obtainable to the public. Larger companies are particularly interested in protecting their reputation since they have a very public profile, and any damage to their reputation can threaten company earnings. Quietly offering a settlement out of court gives a company the opportunity to negotiate terms that work for both parties, including possibly a confidentiality clause.

3. Avoid a Prolonged Trial

Plaintiffs often choose to settle for the purpose of avoiding a protracted trial. Victims cannot receive financial relief until a settlement is agreed upon; so if a trial continues for months or years at a time, victims can suffer financially. It is shared for plaintiffs to need the money right away in order to pay for their losses and damages, including hospital bills, medical expenses, lost wages, physical therapy, and more.

4. Guarantee Triumph

Another shared reason why plaintiffs choose to accept a settlement offer is for the simple purpose of winning and for a recognition of what they went by. Accepting an offer is a guaranteed method of getting awarded compensation.

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