Top 4 Baby Boomer Goal Setting Mistakes

One of the biggest reasons Baby Boomers fail as they get older is not because they are unproductive people. Rather, what happens to Boomers is what has plagued generations of people for years. They get comfortable and fail to do what they did in their younger years when they were active, successful and productive.

Everyone knows that as you get older, you should nevertheless make goals for yourself. Many Boomers have achieved great things in their working lives. As they begin to retire, some will take that same gusto and apply their skill towards businesses of their own. Others will become world travelers. in addition and nevertheless many will be constrained by fears over money, debt and health worries.

At this time I want to proportion with you a surefire way to make this next step of your life the best years ever.

There are four principles that we’ll discuss, namely Be Specific, Make It assessable, Keep It Realistic and finally, Take Action Today.

We all have been exposed to setting goals at some stage of life. In Ministry, some congregations make a goal of pooling funds together to build a new building. This is commonly known as the “Building Fund.” Others may be league bowlers and have a tournament that they want to do well at. So, they practice additional, which requires more time, money, and travel all in pursuit of a goal.

Be Specific

It does not matter what you are aiming for, you have to be specific first. If you do not have a specific target in mind, you really do not have a goal. Rather you have a wish. It is far better to have a goal of losing 15 pounds by your forty-third high school class reunion, than the opposite of saying, “Oh I need to lose some weight.” This is just not specific enough. How much weight do you need to lose. You will never known what you are strive for unless you be specific.

Make It assessable

Any goal, and I many ANY goal, needs to be measured. Why? You could have the noblest of goals and not know if you are there or beyond it. The greatest example of this comes not just from the business world but can be applied to raising a family or taking a vacation.

Just suppose you have a goal of earning $14,779 per month. If you hit $14,778 you have not hit your goal, right? But who wouldn’t be satisfied with that? Most Boomers would. Especially as retirement years loom and Social Security looks to provide little to live on. Now, if you have additional assessable elements to your goals, you would know in this example when you were half way to your goal by merely looking at your bank place slips or some pay stubs from your income supplies.

Keep It Realistic

You should only set goals that can be achieved. Sure, the gurus say you need to set stretch goals. Stretch goals are those that are “slightly” or in some instances totally out of your reach. This is really controversial, because goals are meant to usher growth. But when you set goals you know you will never reach, they really don’t inspire but depress your efforts.

Take Action Today

This final step is really the icing on the cake. Without it nothing really matters with the other steps. You’ve all seen those commercials that the athletic shoe company talk about “just do it” right? Sure you have. Well that is what this is all about. Getting your goals off the paper and into your life is really about getting you into ACTION.

All you need to do after you have set your goal is to take some time to write out a basic plan of action and get going. You need to schedule it into your planner. When you do, you will avoid the biggest problem of all goal systems which is not taking action.

Your goals won’t just jump off the page and make themselves happen on their own. You’ve got to take action. As a Boomer you’ve got loads of experience at doing many things well. Why not allow those things to fuel your latest efforts to grow already further.

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