This covidiot’s maths ‘correction’ wasn’t the gotcha he thought it was


The arguments against the Covid vaccine are quite often demonstrably stupid – like the ‘It makes you magnetic‘ brigade, or those arguing that it contains nano-chips controlled by Bill Gates.

This person arguing that Covid-19 ‘isn’t all that bad, really’ not only tried and failed to use maths to prove their point, but mockingly accused others of doing just that.

For the absence of doubt, the way to work out what percentage of situations consequence in deaths, you should divide the number of deaths by the number of situations and multiply that consequence by 100.

‘Maths hard’ guy – and it is a guy – forgot the last step. Looks like maths is hard – for him, anyway.

Redditors had a lot to say.

2.05% then

Got in an argument with someone last week over exactly this. The wrong will keep confidently incorrect, I guarantee it.

Check your numbers? More like check your 4th grade percentages class sir

“Arguing with Idiots Is Like Playing Chess with a Pigeon… No Matter How Good You Are, the Bird Is Going to Shit on the Board and Strut Around Like It Won Anyway”

Decimal place problems aside, there was another huge issue with the calculation

Should have stopped after writing 4.7 millions deaths and reflected on if the mortality rate really matters.

That’s an insane amount of people gone to shrug it off as a percentage.

Or, to put it another way –

That’s a weird way to say “I don’t care about other people dying”


This newspaper letter went wildly viral and it’s the perfect response to covidiots

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