The Woodworker’s Treasure Chest | Sawdust Addict

This is your personal “secret weapon” to finish one project after another quickly, without any frustration.

To my knowledge this is the first program in the world – which combines ‘Project management’ techniques with woodworking.

It gives you the momentum you need… my estimation is you’ll save half the time to allow you more free time for your family, so you can nevertheless have a life outside the workshop.

What’s the point of slaving away at something if you can’t enjoy it?

So here’s how it basically works.

You select what you wish to build, all the resources you have, the skill sets you have… and with just a few clicks you’ll have a custom plan of action ready for you.

Project Wizard holds your hand like a personal mentor and guides you every step of the way until you finish projects – no matter your skills, your budget or the tools you have.

This simply ensures you complete each project successfully, and at the same time quickly gain the experience to build bigger, better, and GRANDER projects.

additionally, thanks to Project Wizard you don’t need to wade by millions of pages before you create some sawdust.

In fact, believe it or not but this system took me 2 years and about $5,000 to create. And it’s been worth every penny.

In a nutshell, Project Wizard is the nerve center of Woodworker’s Treasure Chest that links to all the other features and ties them altogether..

Project Wizard Screen Shots

Deciding on Types of Joinery

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