The strength Brokers

In all of history there has always been a family name synonymous with great wealth. Just the name Rothschild conjurors up images of great mansions that dwarf the Vanderbilt’s and the Rockefellers. With so many of us in the United States so impoverished while the fat cats on Wall Street keep getting already fatter we really would like to know who really are the Rothschilds? What is their genealogy? And, how did one family become histories most powerful of all money changers? These questions have now become more applicable with each bank and stock market transaction taking place today. Is it any surprise why the United States is so precariously close to self destruction when our money and monetary system is based on fractional banking today just as the Rothschilds have used for centuries?

To answer the mystique surrounding the worlds most influential families is to take a journey back by the ages. The year was 1129 AD the Knights Templar were officially recognize by the Catholic Church as the major force in securing the Holly Lands. The order of the Knights Templar, the poor soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, as they were called became the most effective fighting force of the Crusades for the Catholic Church. This know fact became what many now believe as the origin of the order of the “Brotherhood” who would become known as members of the Freemasons and the Illuminati. We must remember that the Templar Knights were not all fighting men. A large number controlled what was to become the largest and most extensive banking system the world has known. To this day International Bankers [the Rothschilds] continue to use the concepts of monetary transactions that were employed by the Templar Knights.

What started with only nine original knights turned into the Crusades most effective fighting force. They also became the most powerful financial organizations of their time. The fact that the Templar Knights for over two hundred years managed to acquire enormous wealth was a credit to their organization and implementation of resourcefulness in manners of finance. It is believed that the banking concepts of the Templar Knights were passed down from one generation to the next.

Three hundred years later the patriarch of the Medici family who could very well be a descendent of one of the original Templar Knights continued the same financial and banking practices of the Templar’s. by shrewd financial practices the Medici family quickly became Europe’s most wealthiest families during the Renaissance years. But, it wasn’t until Mayer Amschel Bauer, an Ashkenazi Jew who was born in 1743 in Frankfurt, Germany, came along to start the beginning of the Rothschild’s dynasty. He was the son of Moses Amschel Bauer. already though there is no definitive proof that Moses was related to the Medici Family, the coincidence of the banking practices of the Medici family and that of Moses Bauer was strikingly similar. Could it be that history is replaying itself with a family tree dating back to the original Templar Knights? Let’s just say, it could.

Moses Bauer was the proprietor of one of Frankfurt’s leading counting houses. The distinctive sign hung over the entrance was the origin of what would become the flag of Israel some 200 years later. This red sign with a fixed hexagram was the beginning of the symbol of the Rothschilds. From 1760 to 1770 Mayer Bauer worked his way to became a junior partner working for the Oppenheimers bank in Hanover, Germany. It was during this period that Mayer became acquainted with General von Estorff. It can be said that two events were instrumental to Mayer Bauer to not only change his name but start a family dynasty.

The first event occurred when Moses Bauer died in 1770O. Upon returning to Frankfurt to take over his fathers business Mayer Bauer recognized the significance of the red hexagram flag [Rot is German for Red, and Schild is German for sign]. In doing so Mayer changed his last name to Rothschild. The second event happened in that same year of 177o when Mayer Rothschild married. This marriage produced five sons. All five sons were all all trained in financial matters that have been passed down. These five sons of Mayer Rothschild would go on to various countries and set up financial markets in each one. It was Mayer who while working for the Oppenheimers quickly learns by his friendship with General von Estoff and Prince William IX that is far more profitable to loan money to governments than to individuals. Using this rule Mayer Rothschild began amassing great wealth. The founding father of the Rothschilds carefully outlined in his will how the Rothschilds would evolve into the dynasty it has now become.

We have to trace the sons handling of financial matters in the countries where they ultimately formed their own financial institutions to understand the scope and the thoroughness to which the Rothschilds with calculated and shrewd maneuvers were able to gain control of the major edges in Europe and in the United States. Many historians now have come to the conclusion that the American dramatical change was induced by Rothschilds influences. Great Britain needed much more tax revenue to sustain it’s current battles with the rest of Europe. In order to get that revenue Great Britain imposed strict taxes on the American colonies in which in reprisal the American response was revolt and the ensuing American dramatical change followed. For the Rothschilds only more wealth followed.

Setting up the First Bank of America after the American dramatical change was the next shrewd maneuver that the Rothschilds pulled off. On both sides of the Atlantic the Rothschilds influence remained a fixture in the governments financial matters whether it was the Bank of England or the First Bank of America. Coincidence or not the Rothschilds positioned themselves in the financial affairs of state to only profit more when they managed to ignite the War of 1812. It was in Europe that cemented the Rothschilds ability to profit. Nathan’s shrewd calculations when the Battle of Waterloo ensued realized that he could gain complete control of the Bank of England. It was after the outcome of the battle that Nathan Rothschild took control of England’s financial markets and essentially was able to dictate what monetary policies England would have from then on. A coupe de tante of unbelievable financial gain.

Back across the Atlantic when Andrew Jackson took office he realized what the Bank of America was truly doing and for his credit he not only deleted the nations debt but managed to cut the head off the Second Bank Of America in the time of action. The money changers essentially the Rothschilds influence in Europe by the Bank of England continued it’s assault on America to regain a Central Bank.

Today, many have come to realize that the Civil War was an attempt to regain financial control of Americas monetary policies by the money changers on both continents. The main issue of slavery was not the real reason why the United States was plunged into a civil war as so many history books have stated. The money changes were at it again to try to regain major influence on the nations monetary policies. It can be said that for every major contraction in economies followed by expansion the money changers always gain. In wars there is only more gain. The profitability by the money changes always increases during periods of war. Today, with the United States continually at war only concludes that the money changers dominance over the worlds money.

It wasn’t until 1910 that the money changers in America most notably J.P. Morgan and company along with Rothschilds in Europe managed to sway congress and President Wilson that a new central bank is basic for the United States economy. It was a secretive meeting at Jekyll Island that the wealthiest individuals in America with major influence from the Rothschilds that the formation of a central bank now known as the Federal save would soon become a reality. Another coupe de tante for the money changers.

In 1913 the Federal save Act was passed. It is too bad that not too many people realize that the Federal save circumvents the constitution and the US treasury Department. It is the Federal save since it’s inception been the only private bank that prints the money [the US dollar] and loans it back to the Government. This is money loaned back to the US government which requires the repayment with interest tacked on. An interest rate that is compared to a loan shark. So today with the interest on all of this money has kept the United States deeper in debt. A nations debt so large that it continues to strangle the US economy. Meanwhile trillions of dollars of profit is funneled right into the money changes wallets.

For the Rothschild’s the continued policies of the Bank of England and the Federal save here in the United States have only accelerated the accumulation of great wealth, strength, and control by-out the world. As someone once said the only goal of the money changers is gain. It is the price of that gain that has kept most of the world hostage to the monetary policies of governments orchestrated all by the money changers and the Rothschilds.

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