The NBA Western Conference Playoffs, From a Fan’s Perspective

The NBA Western Conference Playoffs, From a Fan’s Perspective

This has been a very interesting year with the NBA Western Conference playoffs. We have seen sweeps and series brought to seven games, and unlike the Eastern Conference, these series have truly been entertaining! Here is a quick look at what’s gone done out West.

The Oklahoma City Thunder faced the defending champions, the Los Angeles Lakers, in the first round. The Thunder are young and inexperienced, but you would never know, as they brought the Lakers to game 7.

In the end, Kobe Bryant refused to let his squad lose this one.

In another first round matchup the Denver Nuggets squared off against the Utah Jazz. The Nuggets were without Coach Karl, which may or may not be the reason they couldn’t pull it together. In the end, the Jazz beat the Nuggets in six games.

The Phoenix suns were pitted against the pesky Portland Trailblazers in the first round. The Trailblazers are good, but the Suns played like winners behind their captain Steve Nash and ended up taking the series in six games.

The Dallas Mavericks faced their in-state competitor, the San Antonio Spurs in the first round in a battle of #2 vs. #7, respectively. Dirk Nowitzki put up some gaudy numbers, but Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili were stellar and put the Mavs away.

In the next round of the playoffs, the Phoenix Suns faced their longtime playoff foe, the San Antonio Spurs.
In the past, this series always went the Spurs’ way, but this time, the Suns came out with a vengeance. They put the Spurs away in four games and let the world know they average business.

Oddly enough, the other Western Conference matchup was also a sweep. The Utah Jazz never stood a chance against the Lakers and were deleted in a rapid four games. The Lakers now confront the Suns who are not going down without a fight, as this series is currently tied 2-2.

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