The Major Issues Involving Log Home Maintenance

The Major Issues Involving Log Home Maintenance

Owning a log home is a dream come true for a lot of people. The picture of a wooden house near the woods or a lake is considered as an image of relaxation by many. It is often equated to a sense of peace and quiet while communing with character. And for these reasons, a lot of us would rush headlong to an opportunity of having one. However, log homes are not indestructible, similar to stone houses they too suffer normal use and tear and are truly more prone to it because they are made of wood. And to prevent your dream home from crumbling into nothing before your very eyes, it would be wise to know some basics about maintenance and preservation, and the dynamic duo it tries to address namely wood decay and insect damage.

Log home maintenance against wood decay

Wood decay is the biggest cause of damage for log homes and by far the costliest to address. The main culprit for it is plain and simple water, which is the main adversary of wood as it causes it to decay leaving one’s beautiful home in ruin. The fight against wood decay is a battle involving the control of water as it affects your dwelling. The initial part of the battle starts with the selection of logs to be used in your dream home by ensuring that they are of good quality, decay free, dry or with minimal moisture and strong because a single rotten log can damage your home considerably. Water damage especially to your walls can easily occur due to a poor roofing plan. Ideally the roofs of log homes have large overhangs that are at the minimum two feet to reduce back flash hazards caused by rainwater. Adequate use of gutters and downspouts will ensure that the water coming from the roof is not going to trickle down to your walls causing wood decay. Particular attention should also be given to what you place beside your log walls as wet or decaying leaves, piled snow and similar items can cause wood to decay. As a general rule, keep objects away from walls. fractures can allow water, moisture and insects to get into your logs so be sure to closest apply caulk to them to prevent this from happening.

Log home maintenance against insects

Damage from insects is another reason for your precious home to fall to pieces. The shared insects that cause problems to log homes are ants, bees, beetles and termites. These can be dealt with by the use of insecticides that can be sprayed, dusted or directly injected into the infected wood. Moisture attracts insects so make sure to seal those fractures with caulk to avoid this from happening. Another source of insects is plants or vegetation located near the house and its walls so trim them regularly or better in addition leave a space of about two feet and more between your walls and any vegetation at your home.

Doing maintenance by focusing on the two major issues that can damage your prized dwelling would guarantee that you would continue to enjoy its comforts and beauty for a long time.

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