The First Steps of End of Lease Cleaning – Part 1

The First Steps of End of Lease Cleaning – Part 1

Remember, the landlord and agent will be inspecting character in detail so cleaning every room thoroughly should be high on your ‘to-do’ list.

You have a associate of options when you get to this point. One is to call a specialized end of lease cleaning company to tackle the task ahead or two; do the cleaning yourself. Now you may want to think this by because if you’re not the cleaning kind, most estate agents would recommend contacting a specialized cleaning service to take on the job.

For one, end of lease cleaning companies know what’s involved and do it on a daily basis. Here are a few basic questions you can ask yourself in order to help make the decision a little easier:

  • Have you ever de-greased an oven?
  • Have you ever cleaned the range hood filters?
  • Have you ever steam cleaned carpets?

When can the landlord legally charge for carpet cleaning?

When you damage or abuse the carpet beyond normal use and tear. For example, the carpet requires treatments to remove harsh stains or repair damage caused by you, your guests, or your pets. (“Tenant Resource Centre”)

What’s at stake?

Well for one thing, a percentage of your bond money. How much you ask? It depends on a few things. If your real estate agent turns nasty after the final inspection (as they’re not satisfied with the overall clean) they can try and take you to the cleaners (no pun intended). They may withhold the bond money to cover the costs for an end of lease cleaning company.

If the agent or owner find that any part of the character is not up to their standard when it comes to cleanliness and the overall condition they may ask you to re-attend the character to do a re-clean or they might propose to deduct money from the bond to cover the costs of hiring specialized cleaning sets. Keep in mind if this happens, it’s your right that they supply cleaning quotes in writing from various cleaning companies.

Don’t trust the agent!

Also, be careful that they (the agent/owner) aren’t going straight to their so called ‘in house’ cleaning company as they may have worked out a side deal in which they receive a cut of the cleaning bill. This is becoming more frequent in the real estate industry.

Most agents make additional money by referring their clients to various people who will give them referral fees. Mortgage brokers, contractors, tradesmen, home stagers, lawyers – you name it and your agent can probably give you a name. (Mike)

The Bond Money

chiefly the bond is put in place to act as security against the lease contract. It can be claimed if there is any money owed by the tenant at the end of the lease agreement – e.g. cleaning costs, rent arrears. (“”)

If the weekly rent is:

  • $250 or less you may be up for four weeks’ rent as a bond
  • $251 or more you may be up for six weeks’ rent as a bond.

The agent must supply you with a receipt within 48 hours of receiving your bond place. (“”)


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