The Advantages Of Buying Domain Names From A Reseller

The Advantages Of Buying Domain Names From A Reseller

All of us who have a website, have gone by the time of action of booking the domain name and hosting space. While some of us got the name and space as a bundle, the more adventurous of us lot bought the name and space from separate providers. Many of us didn’t already know what the vendor options are when purchasing a domain name. Domain names can be bought directly from an ICANN empowered registrar or from a reseller of an empowered registrar. The reseller maybe your hosting company or hardware vendor or software vendor or just about anyone. This article lists out a associate of points why it maybe more advantageous to buy your domain names from a trusted reseller instead of buying it directly from the Registrar.


Price is a paramount factor in calculating from where you should buy the domain name. Usually Registrars offer the domain name for sale at very high prices compared to Resellers, as they would like to discourage people from buying from them due to the additional sustain burden. Resellers commit a certain number of domain sales to the Registrar and hence can get the domain names at a cheaper rate, which they may pass on to the clients. Some Registrars charge between $29-$40 for domain per year, while their own Resellers offer the domain name for $9-$15 per year. This could average a huge saving for businesses with a large number of domain names, or businesses which have several group companies.

sustain and DNS Management

Another important characterize which only Domain Resellers can offer is personalized sustain. This method that if you have an issue with your domain name configuration or billing, you can reach out to your local reseller and get a quick resolution without having to go by a long drawn course of action. Some resellers may also offer phone based sustain and may provide far away assistance for configuration in addition. Although there will rarely be any changes required to a domain name, when switching a hosting provider or setting up a new domain account you may need some configuration assistance. DNS changes and Name Server configuration can be considered basic sustain, because your complete website and related sets depend on it. This method that if you misconfigure your domain name, your website may become far away or may not be reachable from some parts of the world. This can be quite damaging if your business depends on online sales. This is one area where a Resellers sustain maybe crucial.

Freebies and Premium Features

Some Resellers provide Freebies and Premium Features with a domain name, which others may not be able to provide. They may offer Free WHOIS ID Protection or already a free hosting account. Others offer an email address or already a free one page website to advertise your business before you start planning for a real website. Bigger Domain Name Providers cannot provide to give these freebies, because their business form does not permit them to micro-manage their clients accounts. They are more into bulk selling and do not cater to the retail market per se.

Easy Integration

Another important characterize which a reseller may offer, is easy integration. Domain Names are never used in isolation and always have a service or system attached to them. These sets could be anything, ranging from website hosting to email addresses or already a vendor-hosted eCommerce portal. Many software and hardware vendors offer domain names as a bundle with their other sets, so that the customer is not hassled in configuring the domain name with those sets. The vendor himself integrates the domain or sets up a system to easily integrate the domain name with the service in a single click. An apt example would be a hosting company which bundles a domain name and automatically configures the domain name with the hosting account. This eases the burden from the client’s shoulder, of cross-linking the 2 sets.

Readers must also observe that buying a domain name from an unreliable or unscrupulous Reseller can also cause problems and may also rule to bad service. However, these situations are scarce and have many legal remedies. except that, an important thing to remember is to have complete control of your domain name at all times.

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