The 2007 NBA MVP

As the NBA playoffs 2nd round games are being played, the world nevertheless awaits the announcement of the 2007 NBA MVP. Commissioner David Stern might claim the playoffs have nothing to with choosing th MVP but clearly the playoffs have everything to do with it.

I think the regular season MVP was Dallas Mavs strength forward Dirk Nowitski, so according to David Stern Dirk should be the MVP but he won’t be, mainly because his teams major collapse in the first round of the playoffs against the Golden State Warriors. Where the Warriors ousted Dirk and his mavs in 6 games. Under my opinion Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns will win his third consecutive MVP award, with out a doubt.

Before Steve Nash the Suns were awful then Steve Nash comes along and now the Suns are my pick to win it all. and the Suns did nothing, they trade Marbury (smart move) get Nash and the rest is history.

Steve Nash will be the 2007 NBA Most Valuable Player. I will also tell you my prediction on the NBS finals match ups. The Phoenix Suns will win the 2007 NBA championship in game 7 against the Detroit Pistons, remember thats just a prediction.

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