Termites House – It’s Not the House That Jack Built

Termites House – It’s Not the House That Jack Built

There are basically three types of termites: subterranean, dry wood, and Formosan. This article will discuss termites house of the first two species of these pesky pests. Such information is vital to you so that you will know how to clarify which group of insects you are dealing with and consequently get the proper treatment to get rid of them.

Subterranean termites live beneath the ground. They dig tunnels into the soil where they build their colony and then gnaw out tunnels to reach the ground for food which comes from wood. These are the kind of pests you are faced when when the exterminator talks about drilling holes in your foundation or walls and pumping a pesticide by the hole and down by the tunnels to reach (hopefully) the colony.

Dry wood termites, as their name indicates, makes their home in dead wood. They too make tunnels but these are often use as waste disposals. Since they truly live in the wood, they use their tunnels to push their waste out of their living quarters. These are the little critters that require the giant tents and fumigation, although sometimes, if the exterminator is sure they are just in one room or area of the house, other forms of pest control can be employed.

All three types of insects are highly social and organized and that method they are structured into various roles (such as queen, king, workers, army, etc.). The army is needed to defend against their fiercest enemy – ants. In addition, all three groups swarm in the spring which is their way of finding mates and establishing new colonies. But only those called alates grow wings and participate in this ritual. This is not the house that Jack built but already here in the insect world we find social classes.

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