Termite Control Can Be Tricky

It’s sometimes hard to believe how much damage a bunch of little tiny creatures can do to your home. But if you have ever had an infestation of bugs, you know first hand that a “mob mentality” in the insect world can spell out disaster in yours.

Termite control is something that can be a lot more complicated that just swatting a associate of flies that annoy you. These tiny insects can totally destroy your house and if you don’t nip it in the bud, it can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs to your home.

One of the first things you need to understand before you can get rid of the problem is what the problem is and what is going on with these bugs.

The most shared types of termites in the United States are the subterranean variety. These live in huge nests underground and need moisture to survive. They look like little winged ants and they are extremely mobile. Like ants, they create a network of mud tunnels underground, and also bring soil up to the surface and create mounds. Unlike anthills, these above ground hills will often start out as mud and then dry up to a hard crust. Left alone, some of these colonies thrive for years and the mounds can get to be several feet tall.

Wood is their favorite source of food and in character, they satisfy on dead trees and stumps in addition as mulch. Unfortunately, lumber is the same as dead wood to these creatures, so your house becomes a huge lunch box for them. They generally start eating the wood at ground level and then work their way up the house. It doesn’t take long for major damage to be done, as there are thousands of them making a smorgasbord out of your home.

Once you see them, it’s time to closest start to get rid of them and for this you should probably contract a specialized. You need to eliminate the complete nest, but you also need to kill the ones that have bored into the woodwork of your house.

Spraying is the best solution, and a good company that provides termite control will have the right sprays that not only kill the bugs, but are also safe to use around people and pets. The newer solutions can get the job done without making you take an unexpected vacation to a hotel for a week.

A reputable exterminator will also know where to spray, what to check for and will usually schedule some follow up visits to make sure that your home and yard are clear of the problem.

Employing the right measures of termite control is basic as they can cause more damage to a house than almost any other pests. A nest complete of these things is worse than a rampaging elephant in your back yard. It might cost some money to get rid of them but losing your house is going to cost a lot more. If you identify them or see the tell tale little tunnels running by your woodwork, call someone closest.

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