Telekinesis – Visualization

The complete universe is energy, and everything in it is in addition. So, if you take control of your thoughts and begin directing them for a more positive outcome, you begin to see changes in your life. They may start off quite subtle, but you will find them if you look. Then you will notice, things will begin to go your way a little more often. It all begins and ends with your thoughts, and you need to become very active in what you think. include yourself more, really be apart of it.

for example, instead of thinking about what you don’t have, and the fact that you want it. Try thinking about you getting it, or earning it, within “Your” Success. Make sure ‘You’ are involved in it, and somewhere in there, it was ‘Your’ effort that allowed it to happen. It’s important that you get active in your own visualizations, and already have them revolve around you. This is important for 2 reasons. 1 it credits you for the success. 2 it’s empowering, which harmonizes the experience. So long as you keep it from inflating your ego.

In the context of Telekinesis, you are merely constructing a thought, which is your intention. This intention doesn’t need to be forced, it merely must flow from you. You visualize yourself performing the desired Telekinetic event with success, or at the minimum in which ever manner you choose. This visualization, will go into this ocean of energy, and connect with the object, allowing you two to move as one. You then believe that this is what will come to pass, and you must trust in yourself that you can do this, and it will be done. At which point you let go of the consequence, and wade in the experience itself.

Don’t get hung up on whether or not it moves or not. Getting caught up in the consequence with leave you pushing for the outcome. This in turn creates unneeded stress and holds you back from truly achieving anything. This also works for everything else in life. You must let it flow, with confidence in yourself. It may sound a little outlandish, or already cheesy. But it does have an impact in your life.

You will likely not find much success in the beginning. This will probably have little to do with whether or not you correctly visualized your intention, and more to do with the fact that you just aren’t used to the idea however.

For however long, (depending on the person) you have gotten used to your thoughts being safely kept in your head. And now here you are trying to push a constructed intention, in the form of a thought and visualization into the world around you to activate a kinetic event. It’s a huge change of speed, and will likely make you feel very uncomfortable or out of place, maybe already unprotected. Which causes stress and will hinder your results or deter you from doing it period. You must relax, and let it be apart of you. It’s always been there, you just haven’t started to access it until now. That’s why you feel a little uncomfortable. Don’t give up.

As for how this all fits together. It’s fairly simple, in a complicate way (Gotta love oxymoron’s). When thinking about it regularly in a positive light. It invokes a pattern that if repeated, will help your mind ease itself into a course of action in which it attracts these things into your life, and opens yourself up more to higher possible. It also helps your subconscious get used to the idea and begin to believe in it more thoroughly. Then, with visualization, you construct a thought, in which ‘You’ have successfully preformed the telekinetic task.

This thought, which if you remember, is energy, and it effects the energy of the object, hopefully in the intended manner which your intention/visualization suggested. You energy effects the objects, becoming one, which creates the ecosystem needed to do the telekinetic task. As you stay away from getting attached to the consequence or outcome, as it will distract you from achieving/experiencing it. Anyways, I think that’s a fairly decent explanation. I hope this helps all who read it in their journey. Good luck to you all.

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