Taking the Guesswork Out of Installing Siding With Hardiplank Products

Taking the Guesswork Out of Installing Siding With Hardiplank Products

As any homeowner will tell you, there are always unexpected costs in maintaining a house. Whether it is a hot water heater that breaks down at the least opportune moment or the need to paint, there is always something that needs to be done. When it comes to putting siding on your home, you should have no questions because Hardiplank is the way to go.

Why Pick an Inferior Product?

Consider some of the other siding options obtainable on the market today; wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Clearly none of those products have any chance of providing the durability that a cement fiber siding would, but already with that aside, there are serious issues to consider. decay, insect damage, denting, and structural integrity all come to mind.

Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum

Wood siding is made of plywood. This siding, when placed under the elements, inevitably warps, separates, or rots. As the degradation course of action continues, the siding becomes prone to termite or carpenter ant infestation. Getting rid of such infestations is an expensive and time consuming course of action, and already when done correctly, can recur.

Vinyl siding may seem like a better choice. However, being thin and structurally ineffective, vinyl doesn’t stand up to any sort of extreme weather. Hail can crack the sheets, strong winds can blow the siding right off of your home, and if you want a new color on your home, good luck trying to get it to stick to vinyl.

Aluminum is inclined to denting, so it is completely inappropriate for any area where hail is a shared occurrence. On top of that, it is very conductive, transferring heat directly into the walls of your home, inevitably raising your utility bills.

Who Can Install It?

When you look for anyone to do work on your home, it is your job to probe them thoroughly. Aside from the obvious checks for state or city licensure, a clean record with the Better Business Bureau, and good references, you want to make sure that your contractor has experience.

JamesHardie offers much more than just siding and if you want your house to look its best, you should coordinate your trim, soffits, and siding. in addition as looking better, your house will be wrapped in a complete cocoon of protection, keeping it safe and increasing its value.

Ask your contractor how much experience they have specifically with Hardiplank and what kind of help they can offer you in designing a look you find alluring in addition as being within your budget. Are they familiar with the ways to customize your weather proofing so that it is best suited for your climate? Are they able to offer ColorPlus technology so that your siding looks good for years to come?

Your house is your largest financial investment. In order to keep it looking great and to protect its value, the only siding you should consider is Hardiplank. Houston contractors can help you select the right products, design the right look, and install your selections in a timely, safe, and courteous manner. You can start the time of action by making a associate of clicks online.

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