Take Advantage of a Near-Infinite Level of Scalability With Windows Azure

Take Advantage of a Near-Infinite Level of Scalability With Windows Azure

Websites can experience extreme levels of traffic within a short period of time, however capacity is usually paid for on a monthly basis. With Windows Azure, this doesn’t have to be the case. The cloud hosting platform allows website owners to use and pay for bandwidth and other resources as needed.

A website’s traffic can fluctuate due to off peak hours and seasonal spikes, which are fairly predictable and can be expected. The web developer need only recognize the trends and prepare for the incoming traffic by contacting the web hosting provider and make arrangements based on the estimated bandwidth required.

however, spikes caused by current events or the release of related products or sets are largely unpredictable. When news of the death of Michael Jackson hit the Internet, already great websites such as The Los Angeles Times, Twitter and Wikipedia have experienced outages and server crashes, despite the fact that popular sites usually take measures to avoid such circumstances.

In addition, as a website grows or corporate network infrastructure grows, it almost always accumulates data. This data needs to be stored. As with bandwidth, storage capacity is paid for whether it is being utilized or not. This can rule to higher overhead costs, as companies or site owners pay for resources that they don’t need.

Cloud computing was developed to provide a nearly infinite level of scalability. Windows Azure provides allows web developers to great number applications and data storage in the cloud so that they can extent their resources much faster than with traditional web hosting sets.

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