Squat Toilets Help Hemorrhoids – How the Traditional Sitting Toilet Ca…

A squat toilet is the kind of toilet you might find when visiting an Asian country. Instead of sitting down like on a traditional American toilet, one squats over to use the restroom.

There was a test done due to the hypothesis that sitting toilets can cause hemorrhoid problems. The idea is that as one sits down all the weight is placed on the rectal area putting all sorts of pressure on the veins. When one uses the restroom with this additional weight and blood in the area, hemorrhoids can form.

During this study most of the test subjects’ hemorrhoid issues went away and stayed away when using a squat toilet instead of sitting, so there is some validity to the claims.

If you don’t want to rip out your toilets and replace them with something else, you can nevertheless take the concept behind why squatting is better, the reduction of pressure on the rectal area.

When using the restroom, never push too hard. It’s best to keep the pressure off the area.

Don’t sit on the toilet too long. This might be part of the cause why sitting toilets are worse because you might start reading a magazine and lose track of time putting all sorts of pressure on the rectal area. Get in, do your business, and get out.

Weight can add to the problem. For example, as women get longer into their pregnancies many develop hemorrhoid issues. Part of this is due to hormonal changes, but part of it is weight related. Those who weigh more tend to have more hemorrhoid problems. Reduction of weight can help with the condition.

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