Spiritual Callings – How To Recognize Them

Spiritual Callings – How To Recognize Them

I once went to see Lee Carroll channel “Kryon of Magnetic Service”. Kryon is the one who introduced the concept of Indigo Children to earth. Kryon is probably the best known channeled being on earth at this time, with over a dozen books to his credit. What Lee had to say about how he moved from thinking all this New Age stuff was pure garbage, and deeply not wanting to be weird, to channeling “Kryon of Magnetic Service” was so familiar to me that it made my skin prickle.

In my experience, if we have a spiritual calling, not to answer it creates extremely inner tension. It’s happened to me three times now. The first was in 1988, a few months after my Reiki Master lauching, when I was an internationally exhibiting artist, a Junior Leaguer with two young children, married to a lawyer. I had an inner urging that would not be denied. I walked away from that life, and taking the kids with me, moved to another town two hundred miles away. I enrolled in massage school.

The second time was about 14 years later when instructed by guidance to open a metaphysical bookstore/shop, initially in the living room of my small house in a mixed-use commercial zone. I did that, too. It was called Hot Pink Lotus. Both times I was afterward glad I had answered the call, but at the time I was pushed/pulled kicking, screaming, and in terror. however I knew to ignore a calling is to ask for the bleep to hit the fan. A spiritual calling feels like a persistent urge to do something, coupled with a withdrawal of usual funds, or some other difficulty in our lives. Maybe we have been having the sense we are to do something, stick the neck out, and we hesitate. If we hesitate too long, the floor falls out from underneath us.

The most recent time I was “called” was this past March of 2007. I was contacted by five additional-dimensional Lightbeings, whom I had seen in my treatment room years earlier. They came back after what seemed to be about a five-year absence, as they had earlier said they would. They had stepped aside as I learned another system. They had told me their group name, The Ankenash, and gave me a different name to call the energy medicine: EDINA. EDINA is an acronym which stands for Energy Dynamics for the Integration of Natural Attributes. Ascension is a natural attribute, as are joy, peace, synchronicity, psychic/intuitive ability, being easily in contact with angels and guides, pristine emotional and physical health, and so on. They explained that EDINA could be used as an overlay to other healing methods. These Lightbeings work in dimensional densities four by twelve, while we work in the three dimensions with our usual healing method. Later I was told they were ready for us to begin using EDINA as a stand-alone therapy; it now comes by the hands like Reiki. We can also work on ourselves using EDINA as a self-healing technique.

For about a month in March-April, 2007, I heard messages and took dictation. They sent me to new classes for information, and “dropped” books and websites into my lap. They explained that I was to bring together the pieces of something that we had done in Atlantis Healing Temples, which has been distributed in pieces all over the planet. Information they gave me in meditation had an immediate confirmation in three-dimensional reality. I began initiating in mid-August, 2007 and within ten months I had over one hundred initiates. Within a year and a half I had six instructors signed on.

Similar “side-effects” are happening to initiates and clients no matter where they are. And the initiates are now from Quito to Winston-Salem to Cincinnati, to Portland, the Middle East, the Philippines and Japan, although most are spread around all over Texas (Dallas, Austin, Bryan, Galveston, Houston, Beaumont, College stop, Bay City, Sweeney, Ft. Worth, Rockwall, etc.). These side-effects include lucid dreams, Lightbeings appearing in the treatment room while initiates are working on clients, the ability to see inside the clients bodies, out-of-body experiences, or Lightbeings working on the initiates themselves while they’re meditating or falling asleep, much greater synchronicity in their lives, increased intuition, less tolerance for internal incongruous, and so on.

Recent reports from those who are using EDINA in their healing work,are quite simply “blowing us away”! Nothing short of miraculous healings are occurring in some situations, and meaningful ones in many other situations.

I am being told by The Ankenash that I cannot imagine where all this is going, and that looking back, I will be both shocked and amazed. When I nervously say, “Why me?” they answer, “Why not you?”

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