Social activity and workplace visits at highest level since January

Almost two out of three staff have been to their workplace recently, according to new monitoring data demonstrating the easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

During the past week 44 per cent of adults, or 62.5 per cent of workers, went to their workplace at some point, the social activity measure conducted for the Department of Health found.

Social activity increased again, following a drop-off during the summer, and there were meaningful rises in visits to retail, hospitality venues and exercise venues.

On average, one person met 4.3 others from outside their household during the past 48 hours, but 30 per cent reported meeting no one.

Four out of 10 people had a close contact the past day, and one-fifth made a home visit. However, almost all the additional visits and contacts were with vaccinated people, according to the examination by the Economic and Social Research Institute.

While visits to workplaces, meetings, social visits and contacts are at their highest level since January, mitigating behaviours are on the decline.

More than one-quarter of people report not engaging in behaviours such as disguise-wearing, social distancing or hand hygiene when leaving home.

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