Sinus Pressure – The Five Steps to a Quick Cure

After many years of experiencing from a variety of sinus ailments, especially pressure, and trying different treatments I came to the conclusion that the answer lies in a combination of healing systems working in cooperation with each other. When I tried this and with the help of my Maker I found the therapeutic answer I was looking for. This is a summary of the five steps I took:

Food and drink

Some of the regular food I was eating was exacerbating my sinus pressure problem. Particularly two of them. Despite the skepticism expressed by some in this area, some foods can affect negatively the sinuses. Almost everyone who has or suffers from sinus problems have told me, essentially, the same thing. It will be to your advantage to find out more on this subject. Medical literature and other publications are more and more linking certain diseases and some health problems to what we eat: for example: correlation between red meats and cancer; fish and the accumulation of heavy metals in the body, saturated fats and high cholesterol, etc.

Realignment of certain bones

To function properly the whole body needs a steady, complete, continued flow of brain generated electric energy. The “main strength line” for this vital flow is the spinal cord. consequently we don’t want anything to interfere with the latter. Unfortunately, often times some bones in our back could be out of alignment and this condition could obstruct the complete flow of that vital energy to certain parts of the body. clearly this condition should be corrected and until one does some organ or portion of the body is not going to get the complete flow of this much needed electric energy from the brain. Hence the resulting malfunctioning of that area or organ. Sometimes a regular physician is at a loss trying to figure out what may be causing a certain malady or health issue in a patient and there lies the real cause of the problem. clearly it is, consequently, very important to have the bones composing our back realigned whenever they need it. If one is really serious about health issues, including sinus pressure, one of the first things one can choose to do is to have this item checked. The professionals who are trained to do this are chiropractors. The actual adjustment last 2-3 minutes, it is painless and it’s preceded by a set of X-rays


This oriental healing system is gaining acceptance in the United States because of its simplicity, no cost and above all its effectiveness. I can almost relieve sinus pressure anytime I want and within minutes by simply applying finger pressure for 4-5 minutes on the right point located on the neck. Anyone can do it once the precise acupressure points and a few other details are learned. Many other shared ailments can be helped by acupressure. For example, possible elimination o yellow mucus by boosting the immune system.


One herb in particular deserves our special attention. It is very shared because it is used a lot in cooking. Its name is: garlic. My regular physician once told me: the “most important [medicinal] herb is garlic.” From cold and viruses to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems, garlic is a versatile, inexpensive, therapeutic powerhouse. Its main healing ingredient is allicin, which now a days can be purchased by itself. Try garlic for a while a see the results for yourself. The German government has made scientific studies on garlic and the results fully concur with the aforementioned therapeutic similarities of this lowly bulb. If a virus or cold is caught early on and treated with garlic or allicin for several days, often they prevent sinus pressure or yellow mucus that could have resulted from a developed virus or cold.


When the items, above, are faithfully followed and nevertheless sinus pressure persists there is a good chance that the root cause of the problem is allergy to the ecosystem. Things like pollens from certain plants, house dust, smog, chemicals at the work place and/or at home. If after trying to ascertain which items you could be allergic to, or if you already speculate which one could be culprits, and you want to be sure and do something about it, then ask your physician about allergy tests. If indeed you have strong allergies, probably nothing short of allergy injections, administered on a regular basis, is going to make a substantial difference then.


Sinus pressure, yellow mucus and other sinus maladies can in many situations be preventable. By eating right, freeing the spinal cord from pressure against it, doing acupressure to drain the sinuses and raise the immune system, and using botanicals to prevent and treat illness like colds and viral infections, we would be putting in motion the cooperative combination of five natural healing systems that is for many of us the way to go, and it makes sense.

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