Simple Tips for Easy Popcorn Ceiling Removal

When it comes to popcorn ceiling removal, you have two options – doing things the hard way or doing things the easy way. Although it is important that this kind of job be done correctly, you will find some easy methods for getting this textured material off the ceiling but without causing any damage to the drywall. When finishing the job, you would have a clean surface on which the installation of a new ceiling could be done.

Although you could use expensive commercial products or look at sets from top contractors, many techniques for removing this material come from a little resourcefulness. in spite of if the ceiling that needs cleaning is in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc, the time of action does not have to be complicated. for example, after getting an area of the ceiling moist, scraping could be done by using a shop vac. Seriously, instead of standing on a ladder and being close to the dust, the scraper could be attached to the end of a shop vac hose. This would not only eliminate risk of being on the ladder, and prevent you from breathing in the fine dust particles, the textured ceiling being removed would go directly into the shop vac for easy disposal.

Another easy technique would be to attach the popcorn ceiling scraper onto an extended pole used for painting walls. These extended poles are designed to make it easier to reach tall places but again, with a little resourcefulness, the same pole could be used to get the texture off the ceiling. already if only a small area of the ceiling needed patching, a scraper attached to an extension pole would work amazingly well.

You will also find a number of excellent tips to help with the removal of popcorn texture on the ceiling that has been painted. Because getting painted popcorn off is usually harder than material that has not been painted, the techniques used need to be slightly different. for example, you could buy an inexpensive scorer used for the removal of wallpaper but instead, score the painted ceiling. Then with a trowel, the material would come off easier in large chunks.

Finally, while this method produces more dust, it is also a much easier solution for popcorn ceiling removal. If the area being worked is small, you could try sanding the texture off instead of wetting and scraping. Not only does this method work great and save time, it leaves the drywall underneath in much better condition. That way, you have a smooth finish on which to install or apply the new ceiling.

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