Signs of Bed Bugs: How to Know If You Have an Infestation

Signs of Bed Bugs: How to Know If You Have an Infestation

Looking for signs of bed bugs in your house or on your luggage? This is always a good idea, especially if you just went on vacation and speculate you stayed in an infested hotel.

One of the first signs of bed bugs you’ll notice is the droppings they leave behind. Gross as it sounds, it’s the reality of having bed bugs. They leave a trail of fecal matter wherever they go, including on your bed and underneath your mattress pad.

The next sign you should look for are what appear to be skeletal remains of the bugs. However, these are shells of dead skin. These are nearly as disgusting as the aforementioned brown material they leave behind. They discarded skin, just like snakes, and this skin gets stuck in the bedding that they happen to be sleeping in and traveling by.

Check your skin, too. If you think you’ve got mosquito bites after you wake up, maybe you should re-check to make sure you don’t have bed bugs in your comforter and sheets. If you do, you’ll need to sanitize everything in hot water and potentially call an exterminator.

If you don’t wish to hire an exterminator, you can get an eradicating spray from your local drugstore. While these aren’t generally as effective as a real exterminator’s chemicals, they’re better than nothing.

You’ll also notice tell-tale signs of bed bugs if you notice brownish black or reddish bugs crawling on the inside seams of your mattress. If you get past the point of being totally grossed out, you’ll need to take action closest to start getting rid of them and preventing a new mass of infestations from occurring.

So what are the implications of leaving bed bugs as they are and not getting rid of them? For one, you could forever end up being their food great number. For another, they could start moving all over your complete house. for example, if your pajamas have bed bugs on them, and you throw them in the laundry for a few days, they’ll spread to your towels and your clothes. From there, they’ll spread all over your house. They’ll attack your pets and your kids next. No one will be safe from the bed bugs until they are eradicated from the premises.

Bed bugs don’t really leave too many other signs of destruction. They can crawl into your walls and cabinets and stay there, but since they’re not termites, they won’t really eat the wood. They’ll just stay there quietly until moved, and they might shock you one day when you move your furniture and realize they’ve been hiding in the dark places just behind it.

So are you ready to take action against these bugs? Don’t be intimidated by all over-hyped bed bug ads on the internet, but be aware that they are a real threat to your peace of mind and overall well being, not to mention to your family and animals that might live in your house and ride in your car.

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