shared Chimpanzee Facts and Information

shared Chimpanzee Facts and Information

shared Chimpanzee Introduction

The shared Chimpanzee is the one that most of us are very familiar with. It is no secret that they are very closely related to us in the way of their genetic profile. That is a fascinating aspect of our world that we continue to analyze. There are many similarities from humans to them.


They have a very fun turn up to them just like other great apes. They have a long body with arms that are longer than the legs. This allows them to walk on their knuckles in addition as to easily move in the trees by their arms. They are covered with hair that is either dark black or dark brown. Older shared Chimpanzees can be identified by the balding areas on their head.


There are areas all over Africa where the shared Chimpanzee lives. There are between 100,000 and 200,000 of them. They live in more than 20 countries near bodies of water. They can be found in the rainforests, the savannahs, and already the mountain ranges. They have a very different dispensing which makes it hard to get a good count.


They are very social creatures by character and form large troops. Inside of those troops are sub groups. They can move around from one sub group to the next as life changes occur for them. The shared Chimpanzee is well known for being extremely aggressive. The males are more likely to take part in such behavior than the females.

Observing their natural order, there is a very idealistic and complicate hierarchy system. Everyone that is in the troop adheres to that hierarchy. It influences where they sleep, how they eat, and already who mates with who. The males are very principal over the females of the troop.

The most interesting behavior though is that they are able to use a variety of tools. This includes those for self defense and those for hunting. They can problem solve and they can memorize according to various types of research that have been conducted. It is said to never turn your back on a shared Chimpanzee because they are both aggressive and very manipulative.

Diet and Feeding

There are quite a few different types of foods that the shared Chimpanzee consumes. They love fruit so when it is in season that is what they are the most likely to consume. They also enjoy plenty of leaves and plants that are out there. Seeds are shared for them to eat. They are known to eat large amounts of termites and insects. They take part in collaborative hunting efforts too. By doing so they can hunt for meat and proportion it with the most principal troop members eating first.


For the shared Chimpanzee mating can occur any time of the year. Generally the males and females are close to 10 years of age when they take part in it. The mating rituals can be very tender due to the social bonding that occurs. The mothers will give birth about 205 days after conception.

They take very good care of the young, and offer them direction and sustain for about the first five years of life. They can be seen cradling their young just like humans do. When the young get old enough they will ride around on the mother’s back so her arms are free.


The shared Chimpanzee is considered to be abundant due to the destruction of its natural habitat. Hunting by humans also cause concerns as they consequence in lower numbers. already with plenty of efforts in place though it may not be enough to protect them from extinction.

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