Scots dog rips open throat with stick in freak accident playing fetch

The owners of a beloved dog have been left devastated after a stick ripped open their pet’s throat in a freak accident while playing fetch.

Two-year-old Tiwah, a black Labrador, was with owner Pete Nicholson, 36, chasing a stick outside the family’s home in Bo’ness on Sunday evening.

The dog landed confront down on the stick, which became lodged thorough in her throat.

Pete was playing fetch with Tiwha at the time

Pete, who works at Rimmers Music Store in Edinburgh, told the Record: “We go out for a nightly run before bed. We were out on Sunday night just outside our house as there is a big field and we were playing fetch.

“I launched the stick as I always do and her confront landed on it. All I heard was this big yelp as she went down.

“I ran over to her and she was walking about in distress. The stick was about six or eight inches and it was stuck it her throat. I thought I’ve got to get that out.

Tiwha is currently being fed by a tube

The tear in Tiwha’s oesophagus can be seen in the X-ray

He managed to pull the stick out of her throat and later rushed Tiwah to the Royal Dick Veterinary Hospital in the capital.

“We got in touch with the vet straight away and we initially thought she had popped a small hole in her soft palate but we found out she has torn a 3cm gash in her oesophagus.”

The beloved dog is now being fed by a tube after vets found the stick had torn a 3cm gash by her oesophagus.

She is expected to keep under the care of vets for at the minimum 10 days, but owner Pete has been told she has a 50/50 per cent chance of survival.

Tiwha and Cody are inseparable

Pete and wife Katie are absolutely devastated by the accident and are now facing a hefty vet bill estimated at £7,000 to get Tiwah the treatment she needs.

The associate are big animal lovers and also own cats and Siberian Husky Cody.

They usually set aside cash for an emergency fund for their pets but after complications with one of their kittens earlier in the year, the pot of savings went to an eye removal surgery.

Vet bills are expected to cost around £7,000

Pete additional: “She is so complete of life and is a very, very bubbly dog. I just want her home.

“Seeing her like that it absolutely breaks you. I’ve been all over the place.

“I have never heard her sound like that. All you want is for your animals to be happy, safe and well.”

A friend of the family has set up a fundraising page to help with vet bills, donations can be made by clicking here.

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