Ruined Rural Economy – Escalating Cost and Crocodile Tears Part 26

“Plunder as Much as You Can is the saying of rulin parties and UPA”

My dear readers, I proportion a shared and Ordinary Man’s (COM) concern about the rising prices and ever increasing killing rising prices. How meticulously the present leaders of United Peoples Alliances (UPA) led by Congress, self-acclaimed Party of Poor (POP) and the Left Front, the Well-wishers of Poor (WOP) have befooled the complete poor peasantry in the country and continued to stick to chair to enjoy the strength and rule with monkey shriek tricks game. While the Congress had continued to ransack Indians by upward swing of Indian Market Index (IMI) by proxy and so-called Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), the Left Front leaders has been shedding crocodile tears time and again. I would like to invite my readers to proportion their views and join the argue to bail out Indian from a thorough routed Conspiracy of Economic Pillage and Plunder (CEPAP).

Firstly, I would like to invite august readers to proportion their concern in debating my view as to:

owhat is so astonishing has taken place in past four years that the UPA ETT has made IMI to jump from 3900 points to 23000 points for first three years of their rule and now squeezing down the same IMI from 23000 to 15000 and further 10000 IMI in their last year of rule.

oWhy UPA had first deliberately neglected and Ruined Rural Economy of India (RREI) during four years if their rule and now shown love for dying farmers by announcing rupees 60,000 Crores package to alleviated their miseries when next Parliamentary Elections (PE) are in offing. My father-in-law had once said quote “Congress is a party of high people with foreigners taste and it will always keep as such. Her policies are not connected with the problems of a COM but with the clan rule of royals” unquote. Ever since, I have begun to understand the economics, budget and planning, I have observed that whenever the Congress has come to strength, the party had made a COM cry.

oWhy so many taxes are levied on a COM. A salaried person life is made hell because he had to pay nearly 30% of her salary by taxes over and above the taxes which we are paying. Despite of paying education Cess and surcharges by salary bills, I have to pay the same Cess again and again in telephone bill, electricity, water and what not.

oWhy every new tax burden is directly or indirectly is to be drained out form the pocket of COM consumer only?

oWhy taxes are not imposed to retrieve some percentage of profit of businessmen and not the consumer.

Secondly, I would like to argue the sustainability of high index. The IMI impact has attracted a large number of unknown bourses and produces to tap the dwindling Indian proportion market and mint money. The latest apprehension of Indian Finance Minister that anti-National Elements including terrorists might be taking advantage of loopholes of FDI marketing which Government of India had provided. I believe that it is really a matter of concern if the proportion market has been penetrated by the Anti- National component to weaken the Indian economy. My apprehensions are that the large numbers of FDI investments in proportion market are routed by various People of Indian Origin (PIO) only to take advantage of flexible policies and Risk Taking Initiatives (RTI) of any government. The UPA government in India had opened the new avenues for swindling the money on large extent.

My dear friends analyze how much money someone had earned in three years of Congress Liberal Economic Policies or what I termed is Plundering Economic and Bankruptcy Policies (PEBP). You would be surprised to know that I end up paying nearly 300% of aggregate taxes for every service and buy I make despite my husband paying the regular income tax. I would total up for you, 12.5 percent on every buy in home minimum over 20 such major and small buy consequently making nearly 250% and nearly 50% on various Cess and surcharges on telephone bills, bank sets, postal sets, railway and bus fares and many more.

Ultimately every single tax introduced by Indian ETT of Man Mohan- P Chidambaram and M Ahlluwalia is drained out from the pocket of COM and salaried people.

Why should there be tax on service produced from my husbands income tax already paid. I would again say that we can nevertheless make India a Golden Bird provided we stop licking heels of Western Economies.

On 11 April 2008 United Nation Organization has circulated a warning that very shortly the people would start plundering each other for food grains. I again say that Are Indians going to eat computers, roads, bridges, iron bars and oil?

I ask my dear Finance Minister and the chief Minister to reply the people of India for suspected billions of Indian rupees siphoned off by FDI marketing. Imagine, the amount of loot, plundering and swindling out the billions of rupees of Indian economy by FDI routes if some known person had invested rupees 100 in the year 2004 when IMI was just near 3950; and he withdrew after three years when IMI was 23000 points. Such in-house traitors could be anyone who had foreign bank accounts and keep up on Indian top political hierarchy.

Thirdly, what was the need of importing food grains at higher cost when own Indian farmers are not given adequate cost of their produces. The Indian Agricultural Minster statement on 07 April 2008 to import food grain at higher cost reaffirms their commitment in completely Ruining Rural Economy of India. Our leadership is not ready to pay Indian farmers more than rupees 1000 per quintal but ready to import rupees 1400 to 1600 per quintals. These all tricks speak about their hind side of mind in destroying Indian Rural Economy. It would shocking to know that in March 2008, potatoes were sold far below the cost of production of rupees 2 per kilogram in Ahmedabad by farmers while same are being sold by businessmen rupees 5 to 6 an hour after procurement. When would Indian farmers get justice I do not know but when farmers and poor COM people are going to rise and chew these leaders bones is very near.

Fourthly I would like to caution Small Market Investor (SMI) to be careful in trading in next year and watch market very closely or else you would be additional in the chain of suicide archive opened by the UPA Government for the farmers and Students. It should not happen, that SMI would be the next debtor to become victim of Man Mohan – P Chidambaram and M Ahlluwalia Death Debt Trap Economy theory (DDTE). First this theory swallowed over 5000 farmers, students and now SMI are in waiting. I earnestly warn all the SMI to earn a rupee less and withdraw; before IMI crashes to ever lowest. Though the Government would make an endeavour only till they are in governance otherwise the unavoidable end is near.

The POP and WOP both parties’ leaders have enjoyed sticking to revolving chair of strength. While on every issue WOP leaders like Vrinda, Karat and other have time and again played same old monkey trick hoodwinking at Congress to make poor Indians believe that WOP is their champion; but truly they were only befooling poor masses to get their chair secured. The POP and WOP leaders knew that UPA cannot survive without each others sustain.

POP and WOP leaders have followed the Trick of Trade (TOT) that You Scratch My Back (YSMB) and I Scratch Yours (ISY)”. I am firm believer that none of the leaders had any love lost for any poor and COM. They are only ensuring that UPA completes their tenure enjoying the rule. The strength makes man corrupt is a true saying but I coin that strength Blinds Leaders (PBL) as they do no see the plight of a COM. The Indian political parties’ new toddlers, whom I have termed as Tiny Tot Generation (TTG), is armed with all administrative supports to make a place in the country. Some one is doing India entourage and some one social service hullabaloo. I have not seen any TTG without publicity and media glares. The sneeze later but their news in the media is first out.

Poor Indian Poor (PIP) are now days another allurement of Congress ruling in Andhra Pradesh where he is making high light by distributing rupees two a kilogram of rice to poor. I believe that our today’s action would open the road for people for not only entering in 21st but 22nd century. How long Indians would suffer such gimmicks of our politicians. I feel that Indian are destined to bear and tolerate such people and how long?

The POP and WOP after enjoying strength are now feeling the pinch of escalating prices on poor. While Sonia is making color and cry against the price rise, the WOP left front leaders are passing resolution to advise the government to control the price rice. I would like to ask;

o Was Sonia quiescent from past four years about the escalating high prices? Was not she aware? How innocently she dramatized her speech that Congress will take up the issue of rising prices. Whom should she want to raise the issue when her own chosen man is the chief Minister of the country? What an agony of the nation and her people whose leaders are awakening after four years of crushing, churning and backbone breaking cost escalation rule of UPA. All the Congress leaders are mincing words to next general elections in sight.

o Were left front leaders not aware of rising prices? Whom these leaders are befooling? Vrinda, Prakash, Somnath and all other Self Acclaimed Leaders of Poor (SALP) are acting as if they are unaware of rising prices. How cunningly PIP is misleading needs review by the voters. Infact, Indian voters have no choice. They have to elect between devil and thorough sea.

o Why Bhartya Janta Party (BJP) has been sleeping over these four years to oppose escalating prices. When Congress could topple BJP Government in Delhi just on escalating cost of onion in early nineties, what stop BJP leadership to take to street the issue?

I would say that all these SALP, POP and WOP leaders have truly played in

the hands of World Bank to adjust to world economy. How can we nevertheless find a solution, I would argue in the next article. Reproduction is extremely.

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