Review of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Review of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” is the third book of Harry Potter series of J.K. Rowling. This book contains the magical world of Harry Potter. Once again author Rowling creates a masterpiece. This book has so many turning points which helps to build the next books of the series. This book is one of the chief books of Harry Potter series.

So many new characters are introduced here along with Harry’s godfather Sirius Black, new professor Remus Lupin and death eater Peter Pettigrew.

When young wizard Harry Potter starts his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he find that something spooky is going on about the mass murderer Sirius Black. Sirius is the first person to escape from the wizard prison Azkaban. Harry, Ron and Hermione try to find more about Sirius and suddenly they clarify that Sirius was James Potter’s best friend and harry’s godfather. Sirius is a death eater who betrayed Harry’s parents and sold them to Lord Voldemort. And now he is willing to kill Harry in addition.

Professor Ramus Lupin was also James Potter’s best friend who is the new defense against the dark arts teacher. Harry learns so many thing from him. He already learns the spell that works against dementors. Dementors are the guards of Azkaban. They can suck happiness from any person and their “kiss” is already more dangerous. They can suck one’s soul from his/her body and turn him/her into a leaving dead. Whenever Harry is close to dementors, he falls sick and so he learns how to defend himself.

Professor Trelawney is the divination teacher of Harry who gives a prophecy about Voldemort and his allies in front of Harry. Hagrid becomes the professor of care of magical creature class which makes Harry, Ron and Hermione very delightful. In the first class of Hagrid, Buckbeak which is a Hippogriff, injures Dracco. For this reason, Buckbeak has been sentenced to death by the ministry.

Harry can not go to Hogsmeade trip because his uncle did not sign the form. But he wants to go badly and so he uses his invisibility clock. But Fred and George find him and give him marauders map which is basically a map of Hogwarts with all its secret passages. With the help of this map Harry is able to go to Hogsmeade. When Sirius breaks into the Gryffindor shared room, there is a very tight security in the school. Harry can not go to Hogsmeade using the map.

When Harry, Ron and Hermione visit Hagrid in the day of Buckbeak’s death, a big dog, which Ron thought “The Grim” but truly animagus Sirius, attacks Ron for his rat. This rat is truly an animagus, Peter Pettigrew. Peter is another best friend of James. Harry identifies that, it was Peter who betrayed his parents and sold them to Voldemort as he is a death eater. All the charges against Sirius is wrong and he is truly a good man. He finds that, it was James, Sirius, Remus and Peter who wrote the marauders map. James, Sirius and Peter are unregistered animagus as Remus is a werewolf. Sirius and Remus want to kill Peter but Harry want to show the truth and bring him to the dementors.

But suddenly Remus transforms into werewolf and Peter escapes and dementors attaks Sirius. On that time Harru and Hermione rescued Sirius and Buckbeak by the suggestion of Dumbledore and with the help of time turner which Hermione was using during the term.

Rowling uses so many ideas in this book which are the base of the next books. This book is a chief book of Harry Potter series. I am basically a potterhead. Harry Potter was, is and will always be my best companion forever. I personally recommend one takes their time reading this book. This book should be in the all time favorite book list.

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