Review of AKAI’s New 15” Digital LCD Frame

Review of AKAI’s New 15” Digital LCD Frame

AKAI has recently introduced a larger than life, 15” Digital LCD Frame to the market. Its size is a big positive and it will definitely help in bringing out the details of the photos and consequently make the photos more pleasant to look at. It is not complete of features, which is truly a positive aspect, depending on who you are…if you are a non-technical person who just wants to have a digital LCD frame to show the photos of loved ones and photos of your vacations and your masterpieces, then this AKAI is exactly what you have asked for.

The AKAI digital LCD frame has a glossy frame that exudes elegance. Not only that, the glossiness has also been applied to the 15” screen. The build material is above average, giving this item a great first-impression.

The connections include a USB port and a mini-USB port, and card reader supports are CompactFlash, SD, xD, MemoryStick, and MMC. Further, the AKAI digital frame supports JPEG picture format, MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4 video formats, and MP3 audio format.

A shortcoming of this AKAI frame is it’s without of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Many of the current digital frames are equipped with both of these technologies, which permit you to use your PC to download new photos to your digital frame among many other things. But again, this AKAI digital LCD frame is best for non-technical users who would have a hard time doing anything with the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth. Think about it, would you like to explain what Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are to your 80 years old grand-mother, let alone teach her how to use them?

Another shortcoming is the without of internal memory. That method that you cannot store your photos and videos inside the digital LCD frame itself. Instead, you have to always attach your memory card to the AKAI unit if you want to show your photos. Or you have to attach your digital camera, which is already worst. But….then again, you can give this AKAI digital LCD frame as a present to your elderly parents or grand-parents and insert a SD card complete of pictures of the kids and all they have to do is turn on the digital LCD frame and enjoy the pictures. I think that is the idea behind it.

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