Radar Detectors Are Illegal in Virginia

Radar Detectors Are Illegal in Virginia

In an effort to combat speeding in Virginia, law enforcement agencies use the use of radar guns to measure how fast vehicles are traveling on the roads. In other states, motorists have utilized radar detectors in response to this tactic. But you should know that radar detectors in Virginia are illegal.

How Radar Detectors Work

A police radar gun uses a radio frequency to track the speeds of vehicles. When radar guns are turned on, the radio groups travel to its target, bounce off it, and return to the device. This occurs numerous times per second; and if the targeted object is a moving car, truck, or motorcycle, radar guns are able to compute how fast the means is traveling.

Radar detectors are fairly simple devices. They examine the radio bandwidth looking for the frequencies used by the radar guns of law enforcement agencies. If the device finds one of these frequencies, it emits both a visual and an audible alert.

Laws Prohibiting the Use of Radar Detectors in Virginia

The state of Virginia has banned the use of radar detectors in all civilian vehicles. People who violate this law are unprotected to a fine. However, the law does not call for demerit points to be issued for possession of a radar detector, and unless the device is being used as evidence, police officers are not permitted to confiscate it.

In addition, the law allows police to cite you already if the radar detector is not operational. This prevents would-be violators from disconnecting their radar detectors after being pulled over but before a police officer is able to see it. However, if there is no strength source for the device in the means, and if the device is not freely easy to reach by the driver or any passengers, then police officers are not permitted to cite you for violating this law.

Radar Detectors in Virginia Arent functional

In all honesty, radar detectors are not very functional in terms of preventing speeding tickets. In most situations, police officers only turn on their radar guns when they see a means that they think is speeding. So by the time this device picks up the desired radio frequency and you hit the brakes, the police officer has already clocked your speed.

In addition, many detectors are notorious for giving what are known as false positives. This method that they sound their alert already when there is no police radar gun in the area. Thats because these devices are only designed to clarify radio frequencies; theyre not complex enough to determine if those frequencies belong to a radar gun.

In short, there is really no reason or need for people to buy detectors in Virginia. Keeping an eye on your speed and staying within the legal speed limits are nevertheless the most effective ways to avoid getting a speeding ticket. If you are cited for speeding or reckless driving in Virginia, you should consult with a Virginia reckless driving attorney to fight your ticket.

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