Protect Your Head With the Finest 2022 Ski Goggles and Helmets

Protect Your Head With the Finest 2022 Ski Goggles and Helmets

They also boast something called Spectral Control Technology, which filters up to 96 percent of blue light and, according to Serengeti, acts like a high-def visual equaliser, creating the perfect mix of colours across all conditions to protect eyes from ageing. That’s a lofty claim, and we haven’t tried these ourselves, but the versatility of these ski shades is what draws us in.

Price: £220 Amazon Serengeti 

Giro Envi MIPS Women’s Snow Helmet

While not quite as featherweight as the Bern, at 400g this plush lid (the men’s version is the Grid MIPS) from Giro ticks all the boxes, with MIPS concussion-reducing impact protection, great low-profile looks, and stylish colorways. The nifty bi-part knitted Polartec lining is super soft, while also helping to wick away sweat. The magnetic buckle—like the one we liked so much on the POC—is easy to undo with one hand, and you can swiftly adjust the size to fit with a simple dial, that’s also glove friendly. It’s not cheap by any method (though is on sale right now), so if you are looking for a bona fide bargain, the Giro Ledge has MIPS, a RRP of just £90, but is currently on sale for half that outlay.

Price: £194 Alpine Trek Giro

Insta360 One X2 

REVIEW: There must be millions of hours of unwatched (and unwatchable) amateur action cam footage. Professionals make it look easy, but capturing alpine action, and making it look good, is anything but easy. Unless that is, you arm yourself with the exceptional Insta360 One X2 and, crucially, teach yourself to edit using the app.

This waterproof all-action 360-degree, 5.7K, 30fps, 18.4mp video camera absolutely smashed our expectations with a combination of silky smooth image and post-production versatility. Attach it to the 120cm selfie stick, start skiing and absolutely everything is recorded and stitched almost seamlessly together (with the stick digitally erased from every shot, of course).

The image is so eerily smooth you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s a gimbal involved, and you can switch between standard flat videos, picture-in-picture for vlogging/commentary/vanity or moment panoramic pics. 

And while it’s fun to pan around your 360-degree world using the app, the real payoff comes when you delve into the extensive editing options that include time lapse, freeze frames and our favourite ‘smart track’ that locks onto your chosen subject for an effortless, flowing edit without the camera operator having to think.

Score: 8/10

Price: From £429 Amazon Apple Jessops 

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