Proper Wedding Etiquette, Whether You Like It Or Not!

There are so many rules in this world, I truly dislike adding to them. But, when it comes to one of the most important days in a person’s life, their wedding day, special care has to be taken. Following these wedding etiquette rules will save you much grief and help you make decisions about your day.

1. Engagement Party – This may be hosted by the betrothed associate, by either set of parents (or both) or by the bridal party. It can be as simple as a home party or as lavish as a huge banquet hall, or something life a nice dinner at a restaurant, which is somewhere in between. Unfortunately, the more you use, the more people give for a gift.

2. Wedding Invitations – It is perfectly fine, if the associate does not want to have children at the wedding, to add “adults only reception” in the invitation. But it never fails that some people will bring their children, especially if they find out that there are children in the wedding party. Just make sure you don’t use wording like “no kids” or “don’t bring children.” That’s rude. Make it positive with the phrase above.

3. Choosing your Bridal Party – This should be one of the most thoughtful times between the happy associate, because if they choose wrong, happiness will be out the window. Be careful. Think it by. Ask those that you love and have been closest to you your complete life, not someone you just met and you feel so close to them. Also, remember that there does not have to be the same amount of bridesmaids as ushers.

4. Color of Bridal Gown – Tradition says that white method the woman is a virgin. Well, need I say more. That tradition is as old as Grandma Moses. Today, it is appropriate for a first time bride to use white with any color additional, ivory or any color she wishes. For a second marriage, you can use white if you wish. Also, it is very appropriate for your kids, if you have any, to be part of the wedding party.

5. Mother’s Dresses – It is traditional for the mother of the bride to closely match the wedding party. The groom’s mother can use at any rate color she wishes. Best case scenario is that the two moms speak and try to match as closely as possible. Makes for beautiful photos.

6. Receiving Lines – typically this is done after the ceremony. If you are having a very small, intimate wedding, it’s not necessary. More than likely, you will be speaking to that person during the reception.

7. Thank you cards – Please get them out within the first month after your wedding. Make it personal by mentioning what they got you. If money was given, you don’t have to say the amount.

Knowing what to do before, during and after your special day is very important. It sets guidelines to know wedding etiquette before any mistakes are made.

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