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Wella KOLESTON PERFECT ME Permanent Creme Haircolor Dye 2 oz SKS09855

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What it’s: Wella Koleston Perfect, the model of selection for hair coloration in over 100,000 salons worldwide.Wella Professionals’ technical development soars to new heights with the introduction of KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+. It is the primary and solely specialized hair coloration model to characterize breakthrough applied sciences, Pure Balance Technology and ME+. But, what does that signify? Let’s break it down&hellip The Pure Balance Technology is designed to reduce the formation of free radicals through the coloration formation by deactivating impurities like metals current in hair. Free radicals intervene with the colour formation through the coloration growth and are a significant trigger to hair harm. With Pure Balance Technology, the consequence is already pure coloration outcomes with pure thoroughness and shine and considerably much less hair harm, coloration after coloration*. Meanwhile, the ME+ expertise is a scientific breakthrough designed to switch excessive sensitizers, PPD and PTD. ME+ significantly reduces the chance of creating a brand new allergy to hair coloration**. First patented within the nineteenth century, PPD and PTD had been the main elements in long-lasting hair coloration for over 130 years. NEW KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+ is about to alter that, providing salon purchasers our most significant change in hair coloration innovation in over a century. The new method additionally delivers coloration that’s considerably extra already, balanced and true to tone from root to tip** providing higher stability of tone and management of thoroughness** with as much as 100% gray protection. The vibrant coloration portfolio spans naturals, brunettes, reds and blondes, plus a particular mixing vary to make a large range of shades potential. NEW KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+ options the identical mixing ratio, the identical growth time and the identical gray protection, all enhanced with simpler mixing, extra exact utility and an improved perfume that gives a greater expertise for colorists and purchasers.What it does: Up to 100% grey protection with roots to tip eveniness and comprise 25% conditioning brokers and lipids for care and gently on hair outcomes. Plus, as much as 66% extra shine!What else you should know: Truly excellent, intense, and vibrant coloration outcomes from the best high quality elements.Product Options Available are as follows: 0/11 Intense Ash 0/28 Matt Pearl 0/33 Intense Gold 0/33 Intense Gold 0/43 Red Gold 0/45 Red Red Violet 0/65 Vilolet Red Violet- 2 oz 0/66 Intense Vilolet – 2 oz 0/88 Intense Pearl – 2 oz 10/0 Lightest Blonde/Natural wel19-10-03 10/1 Lightest Blonde Natural 10/16 Lightest Blonde/Ash Violet 10/38 Lightest Blonde/Gold Pearl 10/8 Lightest Blonde/Pearl 12/0 Special Blonde/Natural 12/07 Special Blonde/Natural Brown 12/1 Special Blonde/Ash 12/11 Special Blonde/Intense Ash 12/16 Special Blonde/Ash Violet 12/17 Special Blonde/Ash Brown 12/22 Special Blonde/Matt Intense 12/61 Special Blonde/Violet Ash 12/81 Special Blonde/Pearl Ash 12/89 Special Blonde/Pearl Cendre 12/96 Special Blonde/Cendre Violet 2/0 Darkest Brown Natural 3/0 Dark Brown Natural 33/0 Intense Dark Brown/Natural – 2 oz 33/66 Dark Brown Intensive/Violet Intensive 4 Medium Pure Brown 4/0 Medium Brown Natural 4/07 Medium Brown Natural Brown 4/6 Medium Brown/Violet 4/71 Medium Brown/Brown Ash 4/75 Medium Brown/Brown Red Violet 4/77 Medium Brown/Brown Intensive 44/0 Intense Medium Brown/Natura 44/65 Intense Medium Brown/Vilolet Red Violet 5 Light Pure Brown 5/0 Light Brown Natural 5/07 Light Brown Natural Brown 5/1 Light Brown Ash 5/3 Light Brown Gold 5/4 Light Brown/Red 5/46 Light Brown/Red Violet 5/5 Light Brown/Red Violet 5/71 Light Brown/Brown Ash 5/75 Light Brown/Brown Red Violet 55/0 Intense Light Brown/Natural 55/44 Intense Light Brown/Red Red 55/46 Intense Light Brown/Red Violet 6 Dark Pure Blonde 6/0 Dark Blonde Natural 6/07 Dark Blonde Natural Brown 6/1 Dark Blonde Ash 6/2 Dark Blonde Matt 6/3 Dark Blonde Gold 6/34 Dark Blonde Gold Red 6/4 Dark Blonde Red 6/43 Dark Blonde Red Gold 6/45 Dark Blonde Red Red Violet 6/7 Dark Blonde Brown 6/71 Dark Blonde Brown Ash 6/73 Dark Blonde Brown Gold 6/74 Dark Blonde Brown Red 6/75 Dark Blonde brown Red Violet 6/77 Deep Brown 66/0 Intense Dark Blonde Natural 66/46 Intense Dark Blonde Red Violet 7 Medium Pure Blonde 7/0 Medium Blonde/Natural 7/01 Medium Blonde Natural Ash 7/03 Medium Blonde Natural Gold 7/07 Medium Blonde Natural Brown 7/1 Medium Blonde Ash 7/17 Medium Blonde/Ash Brown 7/2 Medium Blonde Matt 7/3 Medium Blonde Gold 7/34 Medium Blonde/Gold Red 7/38 Medium Blonde/Gold Pearl 7/4 Medium Blonde Red 7/43 Medium Blonde/Red Gold 7/45 Medium Blonde/Red Red Violet 7/7 Medium Blonde Brown 7/71 Medium Blonde/Brown Ash 7/73 Medium Blonde/Brown Gold 7/75 Medium Blonde/Brown Red Violet 77/0 Intense Medium Blonde/Natural 77/43 Intense Medium Blonde/Red Gold 77/44 Intense Medium Blonde/Red Red 8 Light Pure Blonde 8/0 Light Blonde Natural 8/01 Light Blonde Natural Ash 8/03 Light Blonde Natural Gold 8/07 Light Blonde Natural Brown 8/1 Light Blonde Ash 8/2 Light Blonde Matt 8/3 Light Blonde Gold 8/34 Light Blonde/Gold Red 8/38 Light Blonde/Gold Pearl 8/43 Light Blonde/Red Gold 8/7 Light Blonde Brown 8/71 Light Blonde/Brown Ash 8/74 Light Blonde/Brown Red 88/0 Intense Light Blonde/Natural 9/0 Very Light Blonde Natural 9/01 Very Light Blonde Natural Ash 9/03 Very Light Blonde Natural Gold 9/1 Very Light Blonde Ash 9/16 Very Light Blonde/Ash Violet 9/17 Very Light Blonde/Ash Brown 9/3 Very Light Blonde Gold 9/38 Very Light Blonde/Gold Pear 9/73 Very Light Blonde/Brown Gold 9/8 Very Light Blonde/Pearl 99/0 Intense Very Light Blonde/Natural4.547

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