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Redken Chromatics Permanent Hair Color SKS01764

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Redken Chromatics Permanent Hair Color The haircolor of the longer term has arrived. Chromatics prismatic long-lasting haircolor delivers 4-D shade outcomes thorough into each strand. Zero ammonia, zero odor-just dramatically, excessive shine shade and hair that is 2X fortified* with Chromatics vs. uncolored hair. You have heard of calcium to fortify your bones and train to fortify your muscle mass… however what are you doing to maintain your hair sturdy and wholesome? Introducing new Chromatics- this revolutionary specialized haircolor fortifies each strand supplying you with shinier, healthier-looking hair and superb shade after only one use. No matter what shade consequence you need, Chromatics has a shade that is excellent for you. Check out these appears to be like after which go to the Style Gallery for extra haircolor inspiration. From Icy Platinum to Warm Honey-Blonde, a Chromatics hair shade service affords a variety of dramatically high-shine blonde shades. And as a result of hair is left 2X extra fortified, your blonde will likely be stronger and more healthy than ever. Chromatics affords high, radiant brunettes with superb shine and size. Whether it’s worthwhile to cowl grey or simply need to enhance your present shade, Chromatics gives you the gorgeous, polished brunette shade you might be on the lookout for, with revolutionary outcomes. As any redhead is aware of, discovering a shade that’s vibrant and long-lasting sufficient generally is a problem. With Chromatics, you have lastly met your excellent match. Redken’s progressive Rubilane Technology and R5 dyes offer you superb reds and coppers that stand the take a look at of time, whereas fortifying your hair! Top 5 Reasons to make use of Chromatics: 1) 2X FORTIFIED HAIR* : Breakthrough system options protein extracts that penetrate thorough into each strand, leaving hair 2X fortified vs. uncolored hair. 2) ZERO AMMONIA, ZERO ODOR : Say goodbye to that typical salon haircolor odor. The revolutionary Zero Ammonia system method no odor, no discomfort ?simply superb shade. 3) 100% COVERAGE : Your stylist can cowl grey flawlessly whereas leaving hair shiny, conditioned and fortified. 4) MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, 4D COLOR RESULTS : Hair is infused with long-lasting shade that?s radiant and multi-dimensional?by no means uninteresting or flat. 5) UNLIMITED COLOR POSSIBILITIES : Chromatics options an unimaginable vary of shades together with bright brunettes, vibrant reds and exquisite blondes, so your stylist can customized mix a Chromatics shade that’?s excellent for you. * Fortifies the cuticle for 2X much less breakage when utilizing Chromatics Permanent Haircolor System with 20 quantity Oil in Cream Developer and Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo vs. uncolored hair handled with a non-conditioning shampoo.Preparation of the combination: Wear appropriate disposable gloves. Mix 2oz of Chromatics Color with 2oz Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer. Application and Rinsing: Wear appropriate disposable gloves. Do not use with steel instruments (clips and combs). Process at room temperature for 35 minutes. Rinse hair completely after the processing time and shampoo with Redken Hair Cleansing Creme.Product Options Available are as follows: Color : 10Av – Ash Violet Color : 10G – Gold Color : 10Gb – Gold Brown Color : 10Gb – Gold Brown Color : 10Gr – Gold Red Color : 10N – Naturals Color : 10NW – Natural Warm Color : 1Ab – Ash/Blue Color : 2N – Naturals Color : 2NW – Natural Warms red11-3br Color : 3N – Naturals Color : 3NW – Natural Warms Color : 3Vv – Violet Color : 4Ag – Ash Green Color : 4Bc – Brown Coppers Color : 4G – Gold Color : 4Gb – Gold Beige Color : 4N – Naturals Color : 4NW – Natural Warm Color : 4R – Red Color : 4Rr – Red Red Color : 4Vr – Violet Red Color : 5Ab – Ash Black Color : 5AGO – Ash Gold Light Brown Color : 5Br – Brown Red Color : 5C – Coppers Color : 5CR – Coppers Red Color : 5GI – Gold IRID Color : 5N – Naturals Color : 5NGi – Natural Gold IRID Color : 5NW – Natrual Warms Color : 5Vv – Violet Color : 6Aa – Ash Color : 6Ag – Ash Green Color : 6Bc – Black Copper Color : 6CG – Copper Gold Color : 6G – Gold Color : 6Gb – Gold Brown Color : 6Gr – Gold Red Color : 6Ig – Iridesscent Gold Color : 6N – Naturals Color : 6NW – Natural Warm Color : 6R – Red Color : 6Rr – Red Red Color : 6Vr – Violet Red Color : 7Ab – Ash Black Color : 7C – Copper Color : 7CR – Copper Red Color : 7GC – Gold Copper Color : 7Gi – Gold IRID Color : 7N – Naturals Color : 7NW – Natrual Warm Color : 8Av – Ash Violet Color : 8CG – Copper Gold Color : 8G – Gold Color : 8Gb – Gold Beige Color : 8Gr – Gold Red Color : 8N – Naturals Color : 8NW – Natural Warm Color : 9GC – Gold Copper Color : 9gi – Gold IRID Color : 9N – Naturals Color : 9NW – Natural Warm Color : Clear 10P – Pearl Color : 4M Mocha Color : 4Rv Red/Violet Color : 9Av – ASH/violet Color : V – Violet / 2 oz Color : 9NA / Natural Ash Color : 4GM / Gold Mocha Color : 9G / Gold Color : 9C / Copper4.7105

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