Popular Medicare Supplement Plans J And F

Popular Medicare Supplement Plans J And F

Medicare supplement Plan F and Plan J are two of the most requested by seniors. The dominant reason is these two plans fill in the most gaps that Medicare does not cover. Many supplemental insurance companies offer Plan F, but with the arrival of Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, Plan J can be harder to find. There are only a select few companies offering Plan J.

Medicare Supplement Plan J Coverage

Generally, Plan J is more expensive than the other obtainable supplement plans. However, it offers the most comprehensive coverage obtainable to seniors enrolled in Medicare. Consumers choose Plan J because it covers all eight gaps including:

Basic Benefits

Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance

Part A Deductible

Part B Deductible

Part B Excess (100%)

Foreign Travel Emergency

At-home Recovery

Preventive Care Not Covered by Medicare.

Medicare does not cover some yearly wellness checkups like an ordinary group or individual health insurance plan would. Medigap Plan J is the only plan designation that will pay benefits for preventive care visits. It differs from most other plans in that it also provides coverage for recovery time at home – such as a home visit from a physical therapist. Seniors who desire complete coverage usually select the J plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan F Coverage

Plan F is usually a little less expensive than Plan J. It provides coverage for only six of the eight gaps in Medicare. It does not pay benefits for At Home Recovery and Preventive Care Not Covered by Medicare. Seniors who are on a tighter budget, but who desire nearly complete coverage will select plan designation F.

Other Supplemental Plans

Of course, there are several other supplemental plans to choose from including Plans A, B, C, D, G, E, K, and L. These plans are less expensive than their more comprehensive counterparts, but will provide benefits for the most shared claims. Additionally, several carriers offer high deductible Medigap plans. (Supplemental coverage with a high deductible wont pay benefits until the consumer has reached his or her deductible.) However, the J and F plans keep most popular with seniors who wish to have thorough insurance coverage.

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